Where to Stay in London for the Perfect Short Break

The large number of attractions in London means that planning a short break in the capital can sometimes seem like a military operation. However, by choosing the location of your hotel carefully you can maximise your enjoyment and visit as many places as possible.

One of the world’s most vibrant cities, there is a certain magic about visiting London. Combining over a thousand years of history with world-class theatre, spectacular shopping and many restaurants and bars, the capital offers something for every visitor. Boasting one of the finest transport systems of any major city in Europe, London is fairly simple to get around, leading to it being an ideal destination for short breaks. With so much to do here, it is advisable to plan how you will spend your time in London before you go and then book your hotel accordingly. Each area of the city boasts a number of attractions to entice the curious tourist.

Central London
When most people think of London, this is the area that comes to mind first. That’s not surprising considering this is where you will find, amongst others, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and The British Museum. As to be expected, there are a vast number of hotels in this part of the capital, from budget to 5 star luxury establishments. The wide variety of attractions in fairly close proximity to each other makes this area perfect for weekend breaks in London.

North London
One of the most fascinating places to visit in North London is the world-famous Highgate Cemetery in Swain’s Lane. In addition to its Grade 1 status as a place of Special Historic Interest, Highgate contains the resting places of a number of notable people including Karl Marx and George Elliot. Many of the most popular hotels in the north of the city are located in Islington.

East London
This part of the capital has a number of museums which are free to enter, making it ideal for visitors on a budget. The Museum of London Docklands and the Whitechapel Art Gallery are just two examples of free-entry attractions here. With the Olympic Stadium located in East London, many of the hotels situated here have undergone refurbishments.

South London
Another area of the capital crammed with iconic landmarks and world-famous attractions. From the historic splendour of Tower Bridge to the modern spectacle of the London Eye, you will never be short of a photo opportunity when staying in South London. Hotel classes vary here to suit both those with a smaller budget and those looking for a luxury stay.

West London
The West End is, of course, one of the premier theatre districts in the world. Theatre breaks are now hugely popular and often take in other attractions over a weekend break in addition to the show itself. High class hotels in Bloomsbury and Mayfair are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your theatre weekend.

From weekend breaks in London to full two week holidays, the capital is a magical place to visit with a plethora of vibrant attractions to keep all of the family happy.

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