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The Results of Breast Enhancement Pills

At some point in your life, you came to the realization that you were not meant to be a man. Whether it took you a while to realize it or you came to the decision quickly, now is a better time than ever for transgender individuals to make the transition. Of course, changing your gender requires quite a few steps if you want it done properly and one of those steps involves making sure you have more pronounced breasts. While there might be many questions you need to ask about how to become a woman, breast enhancement pills can least make part of your journey that much easier to manage.

Why Not Get Surgery?

When you think of breasts, the first thought that might come to mind is implants. After all, many women get breast implants and are able to live comfortably in that way. While this may be true, there are more natural ways to make the transition and ones that can actually support your transition overall. Remember, if you want to properly change over, you have a lot of hormone work to do, and rather than rely on surgery to give you silicon breasts, why not grow some on your own with breast enhancement pills?

How Much Will Breast Enhancement Pills Really Do?

When you consider how to become a woman, it is important that you remember how different the hormone balance is between men and women. Taking breast enhancement pills helps to flood your body with those female hormones you need to properly make the transition. In effect, you not only will help to grow your breasts but you will also help to convert your overall body chemistry. Unfortunately, different pills can have very different results and while you may notice some difference in your breasts, pills can be unreliable. Instead, you might look for more direct hormone methods.

How to Become a Woman with Hormones

While pills can be effective, a more direct method might be through a product called Brestrogen. Unlike pills, will work to give you general female hormones, this is a localized cream that you apply directly to your chest to stimulate the growth of breasts. Hormones can be directly absorbed through the skin and you will notice a more profound growth affect. In fact, it lifts and firms your breasts while helping to increase the cup size, giving you the full effect in a convenient and easy-to-use product.

Getting Help from a Bra

In addition to just enhancing your natural breasts, you might also want to look at the type of bra you decide to wear. As a woman, you will have access to all variety of different bras and some of them are made to offer a fuller look. In this way, you can enhance your own efforts with the cream while getting a more profound figure and benefiting from the confidence of an apparently larger bust. Though you likely have dozens of others questions on how to become a woman, using a product like Brestrogen is definitely a good place to start.

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