The Ins and Outs of Looking After Your Eyesight

Our eyesight is precious and should be treated with care to ensure that we keep it in great condition. Having issues with your eyesight is never any fun, so if you take the steps to protect it early on you’ll do yourself a favour. Not quite sure how to go about looking after your eyesight? Here’s how!



Have an Eye Test Every 2 Years


Your eyesight can change sooner than you think. Having an eye test will detect these changes for you as early on as possible. This can sometimes reduce the amount of issues you have with your eyes. Have an eye test at least once every 2 years to keep yours in the best condition and to detect any problems.


Stop Smoking


Smoking has been linked to macular degeneration, which is a common problem people experience with their sight. It goes without saying that smoking is the cause of many other issues too. If you stop smoking ASAP, it’ll be one of the best things you ever do. There’s plenty of support available out there if you need it.


Get Some Exercise


Exercise keeps the body healthy. It has been linked with all kinds of positive effects on the body, so you know you’re doing your eyesight good if you get in a bit of sport around 3 times per week. Do something you enjoy and mix it up every so often. This shouldn’t be a chore!


Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet


A healthy, balanced diet will not only work wonders for your weight and shape alongside your exercise regime, it’ll also keep your eyesight in great condition. Too many people exercise for the cosmetic benefits rather than the health benefits, when the health benefits are even more substantial!


Don’t Binge Drink


Try to stick within the recommended limits as much as possible when it comes to drinking alcohol. Of course you don’t need to give it up altogether, but you need to find the balance. Alcohol should be considered a treat. It contains all kinds of chemicals, ingredients, and calories. If you aren’t careful, it can seriously impact your health in a negative way.


Wear Sunglasses


Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement. You should wear sunglasses whenever the sun is shining. Here’s some info that may surprise you too: sunglasses should be worn even when the sun is shining in cold weather. People associate sunglasses with hot weather, but it doesn’t need to be hot for your eyes to get damaged by the sun. If you fear you’ve already damaged your eyes by failing to do this, you may need to make an appointment at a place like the WA laser eye centre in Perth. Wear your sunglasses whenever the sun is out and you’ll stop sun damage.


Don’t Strain Your Eyes


While straining your eyes doesn’t usually cause permanent damage, it can be painful. If you strain your eyes often, you need to take the steps to give them a break. Take regular breaks from the computer, and make sure it isn’t too bright for example. You can also perform a series of eye exercises to keep them strong and healthy.


Look after your eyes now and keep your sight for longer!


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