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No matter how big or small your company may be, ensuring that you have enough space to store needed supplies, equipment, and stock can make a huge difference for managing overhead expenses. As your company expands and the number of items you need to store increases, it can be challenging to manage this space effectively. Fortunately, you don’t always have to spend the extra money to expand or move to a larger facility to obtain the space you need. By implementing the best racking system for your factory and using other organizational tactics, you can maximize your floor space like never before.


1.    Superior Racking Systems


In reality, you don’t need to enlarge your floor space to expand how much room you have for storage. With quality racking systems, you can expand upward, taking advantage of your facility’s available height to create additional storage space.


Created from durable steel, racking systems provide sturdy support for storing a wide range of items. Even more importantly, these racks are fully customizable, allowing you to adapt shelf depth and height in accordance with your unique needs. This way, you’ll always have the right configuration for storing your equipment. This can be especially valuable for facilities that store a mix of small and large items. Keeping smaller objects organized on a racking system will free up your open floor space for the storage of big equipment, increasing overall warehouse efficiency.


Utilizing removable pallets will further streamline the process of storing large items in this vertical space. These pallet racking systems ensure safe storage and the ability to quickly and easily gain access to any items your team might need.


2.    Clear Out Accumulated Stuff

For many warehouses, one of the biggest problems is the simple fact that outdated or unneeded items are often allowed to accumulate throughout the facility. This could include equipment that is no longer used by your employees, or products that are no longer sold to the public. In other words, they serve no purpose, but continue to take up space.


To reclaim this space, most facilities managers recommend that you conduct what is essentially a “spring cleaning” of your warehouse on a regular basis. If an item is not actually necessary, it can (and should) be thrown out, sold, or recycled. You can then arrange the remaining equipment by type and clean the workspace.


While this may seem like a tedious chore, you’ll likely be surprised at how much space you can clear up by routinely getting rid of these excess items. By establishing a systematic routine for regularly performing these organizational overviews, you’ll be able to keep your warehouse under control.


3.    Industrial Mezzanines

When it comes to increasing how much storage space is available inside your warehouse, few installations can have the impact of industrial mezzanines. Both freestanding systems and mezzanines built on shelves essentially add a second floor inside your warehouse, doubling the amount of floor space you have available for storing items or managing key tasks like packaging.


Industrial mezzanines provide an ideal space for storing smaller pieces of inventory, allowing you to keep the heaviest and bulkiest items on ground level. In addition to improving your team’s organizational efforts, this can also increase the overall safety and stability of your storage solutions.


Make the Most of Your Space

Taking steps to maximize your factory floor space won’t just allow you to avoid the costs associated with moving to a new location. By also helping your team become more organized and efficient, you’ll be able to deliver better results than ever before, ensuring sustainable growth for your company. These improvements won’t merely help you avoid the need to move to a new facility for a few months; they can deliver a solid return on investment for many years to come.

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