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The Coolest Gift Experiences for Guys

Trying to think of the perfect gift to give a special man in your life? Most men have enough neckties, flasks, boxer shorts and calendars as it is. Give them another of these, and they’ll do their best to act pleasantly surprised. But if you really want to impress a man, give him something he can truly enjoy. Give him a gift that will make lifelong memories.

One of the great things about a experiential gifts is that they creates memories rather than clutter. A man who already has two dozen neckties doesn’t need one more – even if he really likes to wear ties. What’s more, unless it’s a truly spectacular tie, he’ll probably never even find the opportunity to wear it.

But experiences don’t work the same way. Plan an activity or event for a special man in your life – something he can enjoy with his you, with his friends or even by himself – and he’ll have a memory to hang on to for the rest of his life. There’s no such thing as clutter when it comes to good memories. Having a long list of experiences on your mantle of memories means you lived a rich and exciting life, and there’s nothing regrettable about that.

So if you racking your brain trying to think of cool gift ideas for a man, read over some of the following possibilities for a bit of inspiration:

Indoor skydiving
Skydiving is an unforgettable activity. Going the whole way and performing a real jump can be expensive, and it also involves a fair amount of prep and practice. Tandem jumps with an expert require less planning, as do indoor jumps. The latter takes place in a vertical wind tunnel and gives you all the adrenaline of a free fall without the need for an airplane or a chute.

Flying lessons

There are all sorts of possibilities in this category. You can book an introductory flying lesson for him, or you can arrange a helicopter experience over London so that he can see the city in style. He’ll feel like a member of the royal family hovering over the skyline at a thousand feet.

Men love shooting guns – it’s as simple as that. Most paintball arenas will have gift packages for small groups, so he can take three or four of his friends to enjoy an afternoon of paintball on you.

Anything else involving guns
The best part about paintball is being able to unload a few rounds on your friends. Otherwise, most men would rather shoot a real gun than a glorified toy. With that in mind, anything that involves guns can make for a memorable day out. Whether it’s practice on a range or a crash course in shooting clay pigeons, this will be a day he remembers.

Driving days
Do high-performance sports cars have a special place in his life? If so, book him an unforgettable day at a closed circuit track. Behind the wheel of a world-class luxury vehicle, he’ll race around the track and speeds he didn’t even think were possible.

Comedy night
This is an alternative date night that the average man is going to enjoy a great deal more than dinner, shopping and a movie. Just make sure that you buy tickets to a comic that he appreciates – or at least to an event that appeals to his personal sense of humour.

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