Six top tips to look younger

When it comes to the effects of aging there is no escape for anyone. Although it can bring many wonderful benefits from life experience and finding true happiness and fulfilment, for many people actually looking older is a problem. The quest for fresher, plumper skin and attaining a more youthful appearance is important to many, whether it is for personal self-esteem or to make sure that age does not adversely impact a career. While there is nothing wrong with a few wrinkles or lines, no-one wants to look a lot older than they actually are!


But what can you do to fight the signs of aging and stay looking younger for longer? While you can never beat the march of time, there are many innovative ways to slow it down a little. Many people use cosmetic surgery of course, but the beauty tips below can also give a more youthful appearance and a naturally glowing look.


Useful tips on looking younger


The best thing is that it does not have to mean having cosmetic surgery. Although that is a method many will choose, you may wish to achieve a younger look more naturally. The below should give you a great head-start.


  • Look after your hair – when it comes to appearing younger then you need to factor in your whole body and outward appearance. Your hair is a key part of this and should be one of the first things you tackle. Make sure that you get a flattering cut that does not age you and helps to take a few years away. It is also important to look after the condition of your hair – nothing says younger like thick, glossy hair. Viabrance is a hair system trusted by many US women to look after their hair in this way – the Viabrance hair care range includes growth serum and biotin gummies for fabulous results.


  • Stay hydrated – one of the worst things for aging your skin is being dehydrated. This will result in your skin drying out and looking dull or tired. To avoid that and to achieve younger looking skin, drink plenty of water. The recommended amount is around 91 ounces per day for women – a great tip is to carry a reusable water bottle round with you, so you can always stay hydrated if on the move.


  • Remember to moisturize – moisture is vital to younger looking skin which is why staying hydrated is essential. However, to really take the years off then you need to moisturize each day. This will replace the moisture lost as you age as well as making your skin look fresher by smoothing out wrinkles. Regular moisturizing is also superb for helping to stop the skin becoming thinner as you grow older.


  • Change your wardrobe – this is a tricky one to get right as you do not want to wear exactly what people much younger than you are wearing. However, you do not want to be wearing clothes that make you look too old. This is a classic mistake many make as they age and can really put years onto you. Try to fill your wardrobe with shoes and clothes that are a flattering cut, fun and bright. This will give you an instantly younger look and have a big impact.


  • Wear sunscreen – one major enemy of staying younger looking is the effects of the sun on skin over time. Sun damage can make you look older thanks to the way that UV light can affect the texture and clarity of your skin. This is not just on your face either – sun damage can affect any exposed parts of your body to make them look older. To help combat this, wear a good quality sunscreen with high UV protection. That will keep your skin looking younger and make you appear more youthful as well.


  • Get your teeth whitened – when you are younger, you naturally have whiter teeth as they have not had years of food and drink to stain them. So getting your teeth whitened at the dentist is a great way to look younger and healthier.


Getting that younger look is not hard


As the above tips show, getting a younger look is not that hard. Very often it means simple changes to your daily care routine and making sure to look after yourself properly. When you add in the effects of overhauling your wardrobe then you will be sure to see the results you desire.



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