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Right Tool to Partition your Hard Drive

Nowadays laptops and PCs are used predominantly by all. And there still exists an issue of low space in the drive warning and also the system partitioning mechanism. And also managing disk space on MBR and GPT disk. To help regarding this issue, Free Disk Partition Manager Software comes into play. EASEUS program developed Partition Master Free 10.5 version software which takes care of all these issues. It is an ALL-IN-ONE FREE partition management tool as an alternative for Partition Magic software. The Partition Master Free 10.5 is a free Hard Drive & windows partition manager Solution, which is only for the home users which is highly recommended by over 24,000,000 users. It supports various operating systems such as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. People having issues operating on these operating systems can use Partition Master Free 10.5 and solve their problem. It can be used worldwide and supports a variety of languages, including English, Deutsch, Espanola, and Fran├žois. This software is built with three main functionalities – Partition Manager, Disk and Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard.

This software is the best solution to create/delete, resize/move, combine, split partitions and make use of the hard disk capacity.

  • Many experience a fear of resizing because we think the data may become missed during the resizing. Since data are very important to all, this is the major fear many have. This software helps in resizing the hard disks without any data losses
  • And also two adjacent partitions can be combined into a larger one without the loss of information.
  • Using the native Windows disk management, to convert the dynamic disk to basic disk, all the data in the dynamic disk must be erased. Without deletion of the data, the conversion cannot take place. Whereas, by using the Partition Master Free 10.5 one can convert without any data loss.
  • And also conversion from FAT to NTFS. This transition is necessary because NTFS supports many features and advantages compared to FAT. NTFS system is authentic and dependable.
  • Without reinstalling the OS, you can copy the whole disk while upgrading the older smaller hard disk to newer larger hard disk. Even if the computer crashes, the files can be gotten back easily.
  • You can also transfer your OS and applications along with the data and attributes to the new SSD or HDD without rebooting or reinstalling the OS. Henceforth this saves the time and also easy to carry out the conversion. This saves hard disk space also.
  • You can also retrieve erased or lost data using Partition Recovery Wizard in Partition Master Free 10.5
  • You can also convert from MBR disk to GPT disk, and vice versa. Since MBR constraints the no of partitions to only four and there is no such constraints in GPT disk, people prefer such conversion which can be easily carried out through this software. But the limitation is that the GPT disk is supported only by few operating systems, but MBR disk supports all the operating systems. This is the sole disadvantage of GPT disk. Whereas, MBR disk only supports 2TB as a max for a single partition, but GPT supports 256TB as a max for single partition. You can convert gpt to mbr without data loss.
  • To permanently delete sensitive data from the disk, Wipe disk or wipe partition can be utilized from this software.

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