Macrame Christmas Tree : Best Quality [2022]

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  • Kit Includes Macrame Cord, Beads, Wood Ring & Complete Illustrated Instructions
  • Made in the USA
  • Finished Size: 18" x 24"
  • ✅ DIY handmade craft -- You can use fabrics, ribbons, plants and other materials wrapped around the metal hoop rings to create any amazing exquisite crafts.
  • ✅ Applications -- Metal macrame rings perfect for you DIY decor projects, you can open your mind to make Christmas wreath, dream catcher, macrame craft, plant hangers and other crafts, great for wedding wreath decoration, macrame wall hanging crafts.
  • ✅ Specifications -- Comes with 2 pack gold wreath hoop, the diameter is approx 12 inches/ 30 cm. The metal rings for crafts are gold color, simple and never not out of style, easy to match with your sweet home, office or wedding decorations.
  • Kit contains cording, felt, brass ring, wooden beads, and instructions.
  • Christmas Gnomes Macrame Kit is a fun wall hanging to add to your holiday décor.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Size: The metal hoop’s diameter is approx. 6 / 8 / 10 inch. The metal ring’s thickness is approx. 0.12 inch / 3 mm
  • DIY Craft Hoops: You can use lace, cotton string, ribbon, foliage, flowers and other materials wrapped around the metal hoops to create festive decor, wall hanging decor and bedroom decor, which are personality and contracted
  • Package Includes: 9 silver metal floral hoops in 3 sizes, 3 pieces each. well meet with your different size needs for DIY wedding wreath, craft hoop wreath
  • 20 Colors for Choose:This 220yards 3mm macrame cord have 20 bright colors for you to choose. And we also have the 109yards 3mm macrame cord with 6 colors for your choose. Please check our brand store: POZEAN. If you experience any issue with our products,get in touch with us for a repair or replacement. We are grateful to get your advice and experience, to improve it and make it better.
  • Soft & Durable:Our macrame rope is soft, durable and strong enough, and easy to work with. You can use this craft rope to create many different things.
  • 100% Natural Cotton:Our colored macrame cords are made of 100% natural and high quality cotton, which are very durable, soft and with good touch feeling.
  • WIDE USE - The rope twine is also widely used as a clothesline, decorative rope and pet toy rope
  • SOFT TWINE - Made from natural cotton and minimal polyester blend, the rope twine is soft, smooth and easier to undo knots if you make any errors
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Our macrame rope is great for weaving, floral arranging, gardening, crafts, macrame projects, weddings, etc
  • DIY handmade supplication: you can use some colorful wires wrapped around 16 inch large metal hoop floral wreath gold macrame rings to change the exterior color, thus they can match to different styles decoration
  • 16 inch large metal hoops floral wreath gold macrame ring are coming in 40.6cm (16 inches) in diameter *4pcs
  • Compatible with diverse materials: you can cover with fabric, cotton string, ribbon, lace for curtain ringer, frame your handwork projects and display as art, home decor items

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