Lachman consultants are only too aware of the current issues for pharma companies

Lachman consultants based in Westbury New York are one of the leading names in pharmaceutical quality and compliance and are industry leaders that offer compliance, regulatory affairs, and technical services to clients all around the world. Lachman Consultants provide the highest quality products to their customers topped with the highest standard of regulatory compliance.


There is a double edge situation going on at the moment where there is actually more demand for drugs due to increasing demographics and awareness of what is out there, which is enhanced by access to the internet. However, this is also countered by a few arguments. It has been proven in the past that a lot of medication does work on the placebo effect. In the past patients were blissfully unaware of this and placebo medication made them feel better. In modern society patients can access trials relating to placebos and the placebo effect is a much more researched phenomenon. If a patient thinks that they have a placebo rather than actual medication, then they are much less likely to be healed and will believe that the medication isn’t working. This connects to the fact that people are very aware of health and their options these days. Instead of heading to the medicine draw they may want to try therapy. They may want to treat the whole of their body with a holistic approach.


Technology is another massive issue that is and will certainly continue to have a big impact on pharmaceutical companies such as Lachman Consultants. 3D printers may bring about their own new business model. As well as this people are taking much more care of their own health, through the use of fit bits and digital devices they can monitor their own heart rate, blood pressure and so on. There is certainly more awareness of health and how to eat healthily and the importance of exercise, in todays society. However again this can be countered by saying that this will increase mortality rates which will mean that people will get ill but just when they are older so there will still be an eventual need for medication.


Recent trials have been made for digital medicine, which has a built-in tracking device with connects to your phone via an app. It can also provide information on a web-based portal that can be picked up by your doctor or other health care professional.


In years gone by, we wouldn’t have dreamed of ordering medication on the internet but now we will search for where we can get things cheaper. The internet has opened a massive global market at our finger tips. A real scare for the industry was when Amazon declared an interest in the pharmaceutical market, they were seriously considering it and even got top analysts Goldman Sachs to look into it. This could have been a serious issue for major pharma companies all over the world.


Once al of this change comes into fruition of even part of it how can companies like Lachman consultants guarantee working salaries for their employees at Westbury New York,


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