Jonah Engler: Being Safe on Your Trip to New York City

New York City is a very large Metropolis with millions of inhabitants and visitors flooding the streets. City residents like Jonah Engler know that there is a way that you must move around the city 2 ensure your safety. Here are some of the best advice for keeping yourself safe in New York City when you are visiting.


Always Walk in High Traffic Areas

Generally speaking the vast majority of areas in New York City are highly trafficked most times of the day. There are some parts of the city however where there are very few people and at night you can find places that are completely empty of people. Because New York City is a large city with a high crime rate you need to make sure that you do not put yourself in a position to be a victim of a crime.


This means that you should stay on well-traveled areas with lots of people and if you find yourself in an area where there are no people, you should leave immediately. You should also restrict your walking around 2 hours before midnight. If you find yourself on the street late at night the best thing to do is to hail a cab and have that taxi take you to your hotel.


Do Not Buy Goods Off the Street

You’ll see many Street vendors in New York City selling everything from shoes, to hats, to electronic devices. The prices for these Goods will be exceptionally low especially compared to the prices in stores in New York City. However you can be assured that any goods that you buy off the street are all counterfeit. Unfortunately this wonderful city has a thriving network of Street vendors who are scammers.


So you should steer away from purchasing any goods on the street and instead buy from reputable establishments. This type of fraud on New York City streets happens all throughout the city and if you are taking advantage of there is very little that the police can do to get your money back. So the best course of action is to avoid the street vendors all together.


Never Get into an Argument with Anyone

It is always good advice to not get into an argument with someone from a strange city. New York is no different. New Yorkers can be aggressive and an argument made turn into something more. Additionally there are times when scammers will use an argument to try and Rob an unsuspecting tourist. If someone is being aggressive with you, simply walk away. This course of action will save you lots of time and problems.


Flag a Police Officer if You Run into any Trouble

The moment you find yourself in trouble however you should immediately look for policeman. New York City has one of the highest concentrations of police officers in the world. You will see police officers in patrol cars, on horses, and on foot and there’s usually one around no matter which neighborhood you were in.


You should go to the police officer and let him know that you are having some sort of a problem and explain to him what has happened. New York City police officers have a reputation for being very friendly and helpful.


Follow these safety tips to make sure that your trip to New York City is memorable for all of the right reasons.


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