How To Improve Your Ecommerce Shipping Process In 4 Steps

How accurate is your ecommerce shipping process? For that matter, how fast is the process, too? Can you honestly say that you don’t look at your orders que and not see a ton of orders waiting to be processed each day? 

Certainly, you likely have a software system of some type in place. You also probably have a nice regimen that you follow for your shipping process and order management. But this does not necessarily mean that there isn’t a faster and more accurate way to get your packages out the door to your waiting customers. We’ll offer a few tips and resources here to help you expedite this process.

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Rethink Fulfillment

Fulfillment can be rethought. And when you do this, you likely will find out that you’ve been paying too much money for shipping, and also that it’s taking too long to get to your customers. Did you know that most people want fast, economical shipping, and they want it in fewer than four days? If you can’t offer them this, you are going to lose customers.

One way to really tackle your fulfillment is to divide your outbound shipments between lighter and heavier packages. Use your best discount provider for your heaviest packages and then use the USPS for your lighter packages. If you are wondering how fast USPS Priority Mail is, it takes about three days, depending upon the zones traveled, and costs you the least amount of money as compared to any other shipping service.

Convert Your Fulfillment Process

A lot of retailers make the mistake of using a two-system process. This is where you have one system printing your shipping labels and another that is managing your shipping invoices. What happens here is that accuracy is affected. You see, sometimes you may match up the wrong label to the wrong invoice, and that means you are losing time and money when the customer sends the item back.

Instead, use a one-system process to improve accuracy and shipping speed. Newer shipping labels combine the packing list, comment card and invoice. You peel off the label and slap it on the box and slide in the invoice and comment card. No more mishaps mean happier customers and less costs on reverse logistics for you.

Gather Resources

Look, we can all use a little bit of help here and there. So why not look for some helpful resources that can supercharge your fulfillment process? While we can’t give you the entire ABCs of shipping right here, this helpful guide on ecommerce shipping can get you started. It provides an abundance of resources and contains everything that you will need to know to get your ecommerce shipping process in order and running efficiently.  


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