How Doctors Can Keep Their Patients Happy

It can take weeks or even months before someone can get a doctor’s appointment in place for something that is bothering them nowadays. To say this is frustrating is a huge understatement. If you truly are concerned about a health issue you are having, you don’t want to have to wait forever before you can speak to a medical professional. This is just one reason why patients are losing faith in their doctors. Listed below are simple ways that doctors can keep their patients much happier.


Keep the Waiting Down to a Minimum

We have all been there. We finally get our chance to see the doctor and we end up killing time for an hour in the waiting room because the doctor is not quite ready for us. If the office staff knows the doctor is running far behind for the day, at least give us a heads up phone call so we can come in a little later. It may not seem like it to them, but our time is just as valuable as the doctor’s.


Take Your Time with Your Patients

We don’t want to feel like we are just a number at a fast food restaurant when we are at the doctor’s office. We realize you have a set number of patients you have to see for the day, but still take the time to answer our questions, shake our hand, and look us in the eye when speaking to us.


Have a Software Program in Place

By the time we finally get to speak to the doctor, we have all ended up explaining what the purpose is to our visit to the nurse first. We review all of the medications we are taking and we also talk about past ailments. It is frustrating to have to restate everything to the doctor ten minutes later when we just talked about it with the nurse. Surprisingly, there are many doctors out there that just don’t rely on technology like they should.


With clinic management software, the patients and the medical staff will be on the same page. There will be electronic medical reports, an appointment scheduler, and other detailed reports about past illnesses and current medications so we don’t have to take the time to review over every little detail. Not only will the software simplify things, but there won’t be any wasted time as well. This is beneficial to both the doctor and the patients!




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