Top 10 Home Depot Mosaic Tile Of 2022: Update August

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Review: Top 10 Home depot mosaic tile

Angel Martinez By, Angel Martinez
  • Application: Sticking mosaic tiles on photo frames,cups, plates, flowerpots, dinnerware, drinkware,table lamps or other crafts. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Housewarming, etc.
  • Size: length 0.4"~0.6"(1~1.5cm),thickness 0.16"(4mm),200g mosaic rolled out area:approx.5.9x6.3in(15x16cm).
  • Package included: 7.05oz/200g Crystal Glitter Mosaic Tiles in Various Shapes,Triangle,Square,Rhombus,Irregular, 7.05oz approx.120 pieces.
  • ❖Proper Packing - 568g mosaic pieces is packed in a plastic pot, it is more sturdy and safe during shipping.The Pot is reusable.
  • ❖Premium Quality Mosaic - Ceramic Mosaic pieces in petal shape, Smooth edge, 4.5mm thickness
  • ❖Entertainment- Suitable for diy mosaic arts and crafts, ceramic tiles for coasters, flowerpot for home decorations and stepping stone for garden decorations .no matter you are a mosaic art addict or hobbyist, you will have fun when playing.
  • ❖Entertainment- Suitable for handicrafts with colorful mosaic tiles for mosaic crafts supplies, mosaic art, no matter you are a mosaic addict or hobbyist, you will have fun when playing.
  • ❖Premium Quality Mosaic - Ceramic tiles for crafts is in various shapes. Broken tiles with smooth edge design for protecting your fingers.
  • ❖Proper Packing - 454g mosaic pieces is packed in a plastic container, it is more sturdy and safe during shipping.The container is reusable.
  • 【 Mosaic Pieces Beautiful Colors 】----- In vibrant colors, such as pink, white, blue, yellow, green and more, can be arranged into beautiful patterns on your craft projects. Absolute value for money!
  • 【 High Quality 】 ----- Made of sturdy and nontoxic crystal material, the surface is smooth, colorful for filling in and adding interest to a handicraft mosaic project, If there is any quality probiem with our products, we wili give you a replacement or refund.
  • 【 Great to use imagination on mosaic art】----- Extremely suitable for DIY art crafts and home decoration.Sticking the irregular crystal mosaic tiles on photo frames,plates,cups,flowerpots,dinnerware, drinkware,table lamps,stepping stones,outdoor tables and seats,garden pots,etc.Just use your imagination!
  • TRUST US --## Please contact us if you are unsatisfied for any reason when receive the mosaic. We will correct it. Thank you.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS --## fit for decorations in wall, clock, picture, vase and other places. Training children's handwork ability and creativity. you can create different patterns as you need for craft project.
  • SIZE --## Approximately 200 Pieces/200g Mosaics tiles. Each tile is 1x1 cm, Square Shape.
  • Great Accents To Mosaic Art Pieces
  • Country Of Origin : India
  • Comes With Clear And Gem Tile
  • ☀Our mosaic glass pieces have bright colors and smooth edge. Crystal glitter shinny tiles pieces with uniform thickness, no splinters.
  • ☀Just stick them with premixed grout, and you could make a simple picture and turn into a mosaic. Please prepare your material and start your masterpieces and make as Christmas gifts. Let’s purchase some tile pieces and let your imagination run riot.
  • ☀Good range of colors in the mix and the size/thickness is very consistent throughout. These mosaic tile pieces would cut very well with wheeled tile nippers, which we also offer. With these, you could arrange them into beautiful patterns.

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