FacilitySource Reviews what Is Involved in Facilities Management

Facilities management is required in every business. It involves looking after the people and the building that make up the business. This includes a variety of different services and disciplines, depending on the type of organization. However, they are all completely vital to the efficient and smooth operations of a business. Here, FacilitySource reviews what is involved in. With most businesses now outsourcing their facilities management, it is important that they have a baseline understanding of what to look for.

FacilitySource Reviews Outsourcing Facilities Management

The majority of businesses now outsource their facilities management as it enables them to simplify their management processes, make savings on volumes, and benefit from the expertise of those companies. However, as more suppliers are becoming involved, the benefits start to be reduced. This is why most companies now look for a facilities management service that incorporates all the different elements of the business, effectively leaving them with just a single supplier.

The value of the outsourced facilities management business is huge. In the United Kingdom, for instance, it was valued at around £100 billion in 2016 alone. Additionally, annual growth of at least 2.8% is predicted globally. All companies that use proper facilities management services can enjoy various benefits in return, including:

  • Lower wage bills.
  • Less money and time spent on non-core activities.
  • Lower overheads.
  • Smaller HR budgets.
  • The opportunity to generate more revenue by spending the available resources in the right place.
  • Support from industry experts.

The Scope of Facilities Management

Facilities management is incredibly wide and varied and can be applied in a huge range of organizations and industries, ranging from education to manufacturing and from retail to health care. There is no “one size fits all” solution with this type of work as it all depends on the needs of the organization that outsources their facilities management. Some look for a single service only, others hope for a bundled option that includes total solutions.

The larger the organization is, the more likely it becomes that they bundle their solutions and eventually work up to a total one. This includes things such as customer service, pest control, grounds maintenance, catering, technology and communications infrastructure, building maintenance, security, and more. By finding a facilities management business that can offer all of these services in one, they further amplify the benefits they experience. By signing up to a single package, they instantly remove the need for them to deliver these services in house and hire staff to complete that delivery.

In general, facilities management is divided into soft and hard services. Hard services relate directly to items that can be touched. Hence, it includes systems access, building maintenance, CCTV, wire testing, air conditioning, fire safety, and so on. The soft services, meanwhile, are those that look at the individuals within the business, supporting them to do their work. Hence, it includes things such as reception and concierge services, security patrols, waste management, grounds maintenance, catering and vending, and cleaning.

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