Does Your Business Need a Reputation Management Firm?

How much should you pay for a reputation management firm and should you choose the cheapest? This is a big question that people have with this industry, which is an unchartered territory for a lot of people. Here is a quick guide of the essential things to know.

Prices and what you get for your money vary dramatically between companies and the knowledge and skills that they bring can also vary considerably. If you do not have a knowledge of the area as a lot of people don’t then it is hard to tell if the company, you are speaking to know their onions or not! It is therefore wise that you do a little bit of research just so that you can pose questions and eagerly await the answers.

When you combine these two things, it creates a market that’s easy money for reputation management firms, and terrible for their customers.

The following information is very rough price guidelines for what you should be paying for various services and what you should get for your money in each instance. If the reputation management firm are using software, then it will be something that most businesses can afford and is often a great place to start.  It becomes much trickier when you start involving a reputation management firm, you can be quoted anywhere between 100 dollars to ten thousand dollars a month! A full reputation management campaign typically costs around £10,000 dollars and will last several months to one year. Different companies will offer tiered options and reputable businesses will explain the different areas to you and which are more suitable to your business and its client base. Other things that may affect pricing are how much negative or positive information already exists about you online. If there is a fair amount of negative information for whatever reason, then the reputation management firm will have a lot more work to do to restore your reputation and thus this will be costlier. If you can counter this with a successful website which is already receiving lots of hits and comments and feedback, then the cost should be lower, and all of this should be taken into account by the reputation management firm and you should be costed accordingly. A reputable firm will go through all of this with you.

If you are wanting the reputation management firm to focus on a specific new item or branding, then again it could be costlier.

It is likely that a fair, honest and reputable company will offer you a fair pricing plan, so why not use the internet yourself. Find out about them from their website read the reviews and ratings, ask for details for previous companies they have worked for and contact them and ask them for feedback.

The next step for success is for you or a member of your team to get up to speed with some of the terminology ideas and costs. If you look at a few companies together then you can use what you learn from one to question another. The final piece of advice is go with your business instinct, it usually works.



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