Do You Need Professional Flea Control Service?

Fleas are unfortunately common in the greater Charleston area, and they can be a true annoyance to deal with. These are very small pests that can live on your pets, in your carpet and in other areas, and they can be very difficult to eradicate from your life. Whether you have spotted one or dozens of fleas on your property, you may be wondering if you need professional flea control service.

A Closer Look at Fleas
Fleas are biting insects, and they often will bite your pets as well as you and your loved ones. If you have a flea infestation in your home, you may notice your pets scratching more than usual, and in some cases, they may scratch so much that they appear to be miserable. They also can leap up onto you while you are sitting down to watch television, petting the dog and more, and they often will bite quickly after landing on you. Their bites can leave small but uncomfortable red marks on the skin, and fleas can transmit diseases through their bites. Because of these factors, you understandably want to eradicate them for you home, and you want to find the best solution possible for your situation.

The Methods of Flea Control Available
There are several methods of control available for fleas, including the do-it-yourself approach and through professional service from a pest control company. If you have a minor flea issue in your home, a do-it-yourself approach may suffice. This involves regular dipping or bathing of the pet with flea shampoo, frequent vacuuming and even spraying the yard with a pesticide. While it can take a lot of time and effort, it also may be an affordable option for you. When you need more help with your flea problem, professional services are available, and they often can eradicate the problem for you quickly. While this is a more expensive option to pursue, generally is more effective than a do-it-yourself approach. Consider the severity of your problem, your budget and your time availability to deal with the problem before you make a final decision.

A flea problem can become increasingly more significant if left untreated, and because of this, you want to take action to control your flea issue at the first sign of pests. Some people may initially try an at-home control method, but others will turn straight to professional services because they know it will yield great results.

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