Dayanna Volitich on How to Get Started as a Sports Writer

People all over the world are truly passionate about Sports. They go to the games and, if they can’t attend them, watch them on television. Often, while watching, these people have plenty to say about what they are seeing. Sometimes, they say this with such passion and conviction that others become interested in what they have to say. Dayanna Volitich is one of those people and decided to turn that into a sports writer career.


How to Become a Sports Writer According to Dayanna Volitich


We live in a digital world, which has provided everybody with significant opportunities. The sportswriter career is highly competitive because most people would love nothing more than to attend almost every game of their favorite team and write about it. However, thanks to the internet, the playing field has been somewhat levelled for the competition. Everybody now has opportunities so long as they show determination. According to Dayanna, this means:


  1.  Starting a blog. This is a great opportunity to become more experience as a writer and to share your insights. It is a chance for you to find out whether you are able to eloquently articulate your views on the sports and whether people are interested in reading those views. It is possible to set up your own blog or to become a contributor to an established sports blog. Naturally, there is also nothing stopping you from doing both. However, you do have to be mindful of the facts about you may not be allowed to share the exact same text in both locations.
  2.  Reaching out to other popular sports publications. Once you have been published on a Blog a couple of times, and particularly if you have received comments from readers, you have a starting point for going to larger and better known locations to advertise your skills. Well it is unlikely that you could end up in Sports Illustrated just because you have a popular blog post, it is a starting point.
  3.  Focusing on social media. The world is now completely social and our social lives are digital. It is possible to quite literally connect with over a billion people simply by posting something online. Of course, it is important that you take actions to actually reach as many of those people as possible and that is done through social media optimization. Indeed, a good sports writer has highly transferable skills and will not just be knowledgeable about the art of writing but also about the art of digital media.


Naturally, the most important thing is that you simply start writing. You will develop your skills over time and become better and better at what you do. This may mean writing one blog after another that never gets any hits or attention. But eventually, it will get picked up. Anyone who doesn’t have the patience, drive, and determination to get through this should consider a different career. Unfortunately, there is too much competition out there for anyone who just can’t take criticism and rejection.

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