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Crucial Features To Look For In Your First Home

The excitement begins to build within you from the moment that you make a decision to buy your first home. It usually starts when someone meets the love of their life, and they decide to spend the rest of their lives together. Just because it is your first home doesn’t mean you should be flippant about the purchase. The decisions you make now can impact your position on the housing ladder in years to come. Should you invest in a property that needs a lot of work or a new home that has everything you need? That is a significant decision with which people wrangle. The resale value of the house will determine the amount you can spend on your next home when you decide to move up a rung.


Here are some features I think you should look for in your first home.


Off Street Parking

Nobody likes competing for a parking space on the street outside their home, so make sure the one you buy has somewhere you can keep your car. Men are passionate about their wheels, so if you or your partner fall into that category, a house with a garage is a wise choice. They might be out of your price range, so think about installing a carport instead. Softwoods and other suppliers will have the ideal product for you. They help to keep the birds mess and snow off your vehicle so it is clean and ready for you to use in the mornings.


Bathroom Quality

When you come to sell the property in the future, the prospective buyers will inspect the bathroom in great detail. Ideally, it is a spacious room with high-quality fixtures and fittings. If you are looking at fixer-upper houses, remember to factor the cost of a new bathroom into your financial plans. If the builders put the bathroom in a tiny space that provides little opportunity for improvement, I advise you to look elsewhere.


Exquisite Kitchen

Just as with the bathroom, the quality of the fixtures and fittings in the kitchen is of paramount importance. A renovation is within the capabilities of a DIY fan, so maybe you can see an opportunity to improve it and increase the value of the building before you sell it on. Design trends change over the years, so make sure you research installations that are current rather than those with which you are familiar.


Glorious Garden

You may decide to sacrifice the quality of the building in order to acquire a sprawling garden. Those who are about to start a family appreciate the benefits of such a compromise. Land is unlikely to depreciate, and it could leave you sitting pretty in the future.


You must also consider other things such as the number of bedrooms and the energy efficiency of the building. Some countries run a scheme whereby each property that goes up for sale earns an efficiency score. It is an indicator of the levels of insulation and the annual running costs of the building. It clarifies some financial implications for people who are about to get on the property ladder.


There is a lot to think about before you commit to a purchase. Now that you have some valuable advice, you should be able to approach the subject with confidence. Draw up you list of requirements and see how many boxes you can tick. It is an enjoyable search, as you are about to discover.








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