Arnon Dror highlights how to keep your staff motivated

Arnon Dror a Senior Operations Executive .  He was the Vice Principal for the US Channel Group Xerox.  He is a highly sought after professional currently based in Portland Oregon.

There are a number of fairly simple ways to keep your workforce motivated and content.  Lots of managers forget to do these simple steps even though they can have an immediate and extremely positive impact on the workforce.

One way to engage your staff is to understand their point of view and how things are from their side of the coin.  If they come to you with a problem, firstly ask them for their ideas as to what they consider to be a satisfactory solution to be problem.   Not only will this make them feel important, it will also make them feel as if their opinions and ideas are worth your consideration and how they feel  about problems and solutions does, in fact, matter to you.  The importance of feeling this way is crucial to a happy employee.

There are always things that a manager can change to make things better for the workforce without affecting the profitability or running of the business.  Seek out what these changes are, by speaking to your staff; perhaps have a suggestion box, or a monthly forum,  encourage them to talk to you about any issues that they may have and have an open door policy, i.e. if my door is open you are welcome to come in to talk to me.  They may approach you about the way something is done and suggest a very viable alternative.  It may be that your business has done something in a certain way for decades.  A new employee, who has worked elsewhere may suggest a much more efficient, effective, less annoying way of doing a certain process.  Maybe you could offer small incentives to employees who are responsible for suggesting improvements.

Reward systems can be very good for improving morale and reigniting people’s passion for their jobs.  However, take care, as you will need to ensure that you are aware of what everyone does in your business and how hard they are all working.  If you do not then there may be some very hard working employees who feel undervalued and eventually may feel their only option is to look for alternative employment, where they can be thought of as a valuable employee.

There is no such truer phrase than “a thank you goes a long way” than when you are enduring the daily grind of the 9-5. It is surprising how these small acts can raise your spirits and motivate you to try just that little bit harder.  Otherwise you may feel like a commodity that goes unnoticed   All it takes is for a manager, especially a high ranking one, to come and thank you for a recent job that you have done.  To know that you are important to the success of the business and that your efforts are appreciated is a really powerful motivating tool.

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