Are you considering a face lift, why not contact Stein Plastic Surgery in Raleigh North Carolina

Stein Plastic surgery, a practice ran by Dr. Adam Stein in Raleigh North Carolina, specializes in head and neck surgery. Dr Stein is a top surgeon in his field as is reflected in the five star positive ratings and reviews that he gets on his online sites.


Due to general improvements in medicine and increases in retirement age and so on, we tend to have full lives to a much later age than previously. We therefore want to look our best to a much later age. We also live in a society where looks are very important to all of us and those around us. It is quite common for people to marry a second or a third time and as our self-confidence is tied up with how we look and also that attraction involves physical appearance then more people are wanting to look great at 60 or 70.


If we have already lived full and active lives then the beach and the garden may have already taken its toll on our skin. Cosmetics and facials have meant that we have always had nice skin that we have taken care of and thus when this changes we can take quite badly to this change.


If we are still career men or women we may feel that we have to have surgery just to compete with the younger generation that are climbing the ladder. Once you have been through this thought process and decided that you want to have a facelift the next step is to contact a neck and head surgeon such as Dr Stein. You will have a consultation at Stein Plastic Surgery in Raleigh North Carolina.


Dr Stein will discuss all of the different kinds of procedures that can be done there is eyelid surgery called Blepharoplasty, you can add volume or fill certain parts of your face such as your lips or chin.


A facelift is performed under general anaesthetic, the procedure takes approximately two hours, the actual surgery differs from every patient due to your facial structure and what effect you want to achieve from your surgery.


Dr Stein will discuss the three different kinds of facelift: The traditional facelift, the limited incision facelift and the neck lift all of which he has performed perfectly several times.


A traditional facelift helps the whole face, jowls and neck. It can include sculpting the face and repositioning the muscles and tissues in the face. Skin will be trimmed and rehang. In traditional facelifts the cut begins at your temple and goes round to your ear. Sometimes a secondary incision is required but not in all cases.


A limited incision facelift will focus the attention around the eyes and mouth. It will remove deep creases and help give an all over youthful glow.


A neck lift focuses on removing the jowls and loose fat and skin that hangs under the neck and chin area. With a neck lift the incision is made from the earlobe and towards your scalp. So what are you waiting for pop over to Stein Plastic Surgery today to discuss your options.

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