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5 Things You Thought Were Future-Proof

Have you ever thought about how life will be in 20 years time? Will smartphones be smarter? Will our lives be run by apps on devices smaller than a watch? Everything from social media, to education and fitness, could be available and with us every second of every day.


What about those things in life we take for granted, that haven’t quite arrived on our mobile phone in the form of an app? Check out our list of 5 everyday things and how we see the future:


  1. The TV remote control:

This trusty device that started life as a box with buttons hard wired to the TV set has gone through a number face-lifts in the last 40 years. They’re lighter, wireless thanks to infra-red, and even have touch pads to act as a mouse for your smart TV.

They need to move on, or perhaps move out. Samsung and other smart TV manufacturers have developed an app to provide control of the TV using your iPhone. With voice or gesture activation to turn the telly on and off, perhaps the remote is already on its last leg.


  1. The bath tub:

A firm favourite and cohabiter of our homes for decades, the tub is a great place to relax and unwind. Sadly, many people never seem to find time to use one, and they rarely fit an en-suite. So what may entice us back into the bath? Some bath companies are looking at Futuristic Baths with built-in technologies such as mood lighting, touch screen controls and voice activation. Other ideas include a holographic display  and state-of-the-art drainage systems to purify the water ready for the next bath.


  1. The lightbulb:

The future may already be here. Light bulb filaments gobbled up our electricity and then burnt out every five minutes. Then someone introduced the energy saver light bulb. Now we’re sitting in dimly-lit rooms wishing we could still get hold of a filament bulb! LED light bulbs are becoming more affordable. They are also becoming smarter. Philips have already launched their ‘hue’ system for iPad. The colour, brightness and timing of use can all be controlled with an App. The future for programmable LEDs looks bright.


  1. The car:

Google are proving to be years ahead of the competition with their concept self-drive car. It seems only the politicians and insurance companies are getting in the way of this becoming reality. Fears concern the safety of programming, and how to manage the human element of other drivers on the road with you.


  1. The bed:

The place where we all wish we could be most of the time! Smart beds that can send movement, heart-rate and temperature data to your iPhone app are just starting to emerge. The future may include bed ‘pods’. They provide a cave-like experience by blocking out sound and light to provide a better sleep. The pod may even be air-conditioned. Other ideas suggest a self-cleaning or self-sterilising mattress would be a high priority.


Only time will tell!



include a holographic display / include holographic displays

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