5 Things Every Outplacement Package Should Include

Investing in outplacement services is becoming the norm for company owners. Outplacement is a service that helps your laid-off employees find a job after termination. Nobody likes getting fired or doing the firing, but at least an outplacement agency can help in the job search after the fact.


There are tons of outplacements services to choose from, some much better than others. These firms all vary in the services they offer and the prices they charge. You’ll have to do some research on outplacement companies before you invest, and you can start right here.


If you’re looking for some of the best coverage for your employees in the event of termination, be sure to find a firm that offers certain resources and tools necessary to the job hunt. Here are 5 things that every outplacement package should include.


Complete Resume Writing & Supporting Documents


If you have had the same job title for years, chances are you haven’t even peaked at your resume. Technically it is recommended that we update our resumes several times a year, but rarely does this actually happen. Your resume might need some serious work after being terminated, so it is time to hop to it.


An outplacement agency should always offer resume building services to help get your resume up to snuff. You should have access to an expert who has experience in writing a variety of resumes. In addition to resume building, you should be given assistance with a cover letter, thank you letter, and list of references.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization


For those of you who don’t have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to get one! LinkedIn is like the Facebook of the job world and your potential employers are likely to ask if you have a profile. An outplacement agency should include LinkedIn profile building within their services. They can help you develop a profile that look professional and includes all key aspects of your resume.


Modern Job Search Coaching


There are tons of resources available in 2019 to start the job search. You can hop on Monster, Indeed, or Glassdoor and start uploading your resumes to job listings. This process can get tedious, not to mention frustrating when you receive no call backs. An outplacement agency should give you coaching sessions on how to effectively use these job-search platforms.


Interview Coaching


An interview can make or break whether you land your dream job. Even if you are the most qualified candidate, poor interview skills can keep you from getting any job offers. Outplacement services should include interview coaching sessions. You will discuss common interview topics, how to dress professionally, and interview etiquette. Some firms even provide a mock interview session for you to practice the full interview process.


45 Days of Support


You can’t expect to find a job immediately. On average, it takes about a month to find a new position. It will take even longer if you decide to change your career path.  This means that outplacement services should stick by your side for a decent amount to help you along the way. Always look for at least 45 days of support, if not more.





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