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5 Simple Steps To Boost Your Confidence

Some people are born confident. For the rest of us mere mortals, we need to work at building our self-confidence. Being a self-assured person can help you in all areas of your life. It will help you find romance, help you work your way up the career ladder and help the way you feel about yourself. When you lack in confidence, you could find that even the most simple day to day tasks are tricky. Building up your self-esteem will take a little work, but it will be worthwhile. Here are five simple steps to boost your confidence.


Step one: Create a goal book


One thing that makes people confident is knowing where their life is heading. If you don’t have goals, you have nothing to work towards in your life and may end up feeling down. Create a goal book, where you write all your future ambitions. Seeing your goals written down will help you to visualize the future so that you can start working towards your dreams. People who know what they want in life are confident. The fact that you understand where you want to be will help you to be a more confident person.


Step two: Give yourself a new look


A new look can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem. When you feel attractive in yourself, you appear attractive to others. That means that people will treat you in a certain way because they think you are attractive. That will boost your confidence. It is a great cycle to get into, and it is easy too. Giving yourself a new look, can be as simple as buying a new piece of clothing. Click here for cheap online dresses right now and start looking for a new look for yourself. Treating yourself once in a while will make you feel so much happier in yourself.


Step three: Fantasize about the future


Many studies have shown that allowing yourself to fantasize boosts your confidence. Make up stories in your head about good things that might happen. You don’t have to be realistic. Imagining things gives you a similar feeling as you’d get should the things happen. Visualize getting your dream job or the love of your life, and you will start to feel incredible. Imagining positive things happening to you will make you a more positive person. This step will also help to dispel negative thoughts and feelings.


Step four: Be kind to people around you


How do you treat the people around you? Often when people have low self-esteem, they start to treat people in a bad way. That has a knock-on effect and means that people react to them in a negative manner. When that happens, a person begins to feel down about themselves. This negative cycle is common with many people and means that they find it hard to get their confidence back. If you feel as though everybody around you dislikes you, you will find it hard to be confident. Be kind to people on a daily basis and see how their perception changes. When others start to see you in a positive light, you will start seeing yourself the same way too.


Step five: Starting faking it


If you have a lack of confidence, start faking a positive attitude. When you act confident, you will find that the people you meet treat you with respect. That means that you will start feeling more confident in yourself. When a situation scares you, you should put on a big smile and dive right into the situation. You will find that the more you fake confidence, the more you will begin to feel confident for real. Soon you will find that you no longer need to fake feeling confident because it will come to you naturally.


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