5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Hair Straightener

We all know that we can straighten our hair with a flat iron. This is fairly commonsensical. But, did you know there a plethora of things that you can do with your hair straighteners? These go beyond merely having beautiful straight locks. If you want super-straight and super-shiny hair, your flat iron is your best friend. But, it is so much more than a one trick pony.


Let’s take a look at five awesome things that you can do with your hair straightener and flat iron. Your flat iron may even change your life.


1.    Crimping in 2014


Okay, so crimping in 2014 may seem a little odd. But, if you are an eighties’ girl, you would have crimped your hair at some point. Crimping in 2014 has been updated. You can have crimped hair in loose, gentle waves, as opposed to strict zigzag style hair.


It is easy to achieve too. Take a one inch section of your hair. Start at the root. Ensure that you twist your wrist backward and forwards. Slowly glide the iron to the ends of your hair. Repeat until your whole head is gloriously crimped.


2.    Chalking Your Hair


Chalking is wildly popular right now. But, it can be a little messy. If you want to secure your chalking color, you need to go over the colored area with a flat iron. Voila! Picture perfect, non-messy color.


3.    Bohemian Waves


Bohemian waves are the ultimate trend. What is more, it doesn’t show any signs of going away. Thanks to celebrities like Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie, everyone wants to covet this look. It’s easy to achieve too. Similar to your curling wand, wrap the desired section of hair around the flat iron. Don’t pull too tightly, or you will end up with Annie-style curls. Loosely hold the hair for a few seconds for fabulous bohemian waves. Check out the Royale hair straightener for maximum boho impact.


4.    Hate Ironing Your Clothes? No Problem


This is the ultimate life hack. Do you have a favorite skirt or blouse that you cannot stand ironing? You can flatten out the hem using your flat iron. Yes, this may be considered the lazy girls guide to ironing, but it works. If you are dashing to a big meeting in the morning, and you don’t have an ironed skirt, you could look messy. Simply run your flat iron along the hem for a neater, more presentable look. Your flat iron will heat up to 200 degrees. This is the same as your conventional iron.


5.    Get the Bedhead Look


Texture is so difficult to achieve with freshly washed hair. You normally have to wait a day and put a lot of product into your hair to achieve the bed-head look. Your amazing flat iron however will help. Spray sea salt onto your hair and braid your hair. Glide over the flat iron onto your braids for super sexy, bed head hair. Unravel the braids and mess up with your hands. Your locks will look fantastic. What is more, it requires minimum effort too. Awesome hair has never been so easy to obtain.


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