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3 Tips to Care For Your Diecast Model Collection

For many individuals, few hobbies can be more enjoyable than collecting diecast models. Whether you incorporate vehicle models as part of a train display or have a big collection of diecast wholesale vehicles safely kept in their original packaging, caring for your collection is essential for your lasting enjoyment. After all, your carefully curated vehicles won’t be as fun or exciting if you don’t keep them in top condition! Here are a few tips to help you keep them looking their best.

1.     Proper Storage

The way you store or display your diecast models will perhaps have the greatest impact on their longevity. Accidental damage, fading of colors, and even deterioration of the metals can occur as a result of exposure to sunlight, dust, mildew, or the oils in your skin.

To minimize the risk of these affects, it is generally best to use an airtight curio cabinet when displaying model cars. This airtight seal will go a long way in keeping out dust while also minimizing the likelihood of children or others attempting to handle the models. Keep display cabinets in an area that isn’t hit by direct sunlight to avoid the damaging effects of UV rays.

2.     Careful Cleaning

If you’re trying to get rid of dust or finger smudges, careful cleaning is essential to get the right results. The safest way to clean a diecast model is to wet a soft cloth in warm water that has been mixed with mild dish soap. For small crevices or difficult-to-remove spots, a Q-tip could prove more effective.

Don’t use alcohol-based cleaners or solvents. These chemicals can actually damage the paint of a diecast model. After washing the car, be sure to thoroughly dry it with a lint-free cloth to prevent water spots or rust.

3.     Polish

After your diecast model has been washed and dried, you can provide an extra layer of protection by polishing it. You can actually use standard car polish on your miniatures. Just like with a normal automobile, the car polish will keep dust from accumulating on the model’s surface, while also providing additional protection against scratches and fading.


With proper care, you can avoid environmental damage to your diecast vehicle models and keep them looking their best for years to come. This way, they can continue to serve as a conversation piece with guests, provide educational opportunities for your children, or simply serve as a way to express your appreciation for some of your favorite cars and trucks.

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