Toasty Loungewear Trends for Men

Toasty LoungewearFashion is to blame for many faux pas throughout history. From bustles to bikinis all the way through to leg warmers worn with strappy stilettos, fashion can make a mockery of even the most serious outfits and occasions. Who can forget the “meat dress” worn by Lady Gaga to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards – or Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat?


However, there’s a new kid on the block challenging the fashion faux pas of the past – a garment that’s poised to help grown adults regress to infanthood and bring tears (of laughter) to busy High Street shopping areas all over the UK – the onesie. Reminiscent of the jumpsuits worn by women in the eighties, the onesie is also available for men. These adult sized “sleep suits” come in a variety of styles and colours, from plain fabric ones to bright prints and all the way to superhero style (think all-in-one Superman suit, but you don’t have to wear your boxers on the outside with these). If morphing into Spiderman has always been a secret fantasy of yours, then get yourself down to the High Street to make your dreams come true.


These baby-gros for grown-ups are catching on real fast, thanks to the likes of Kate Moss, Brad Pitt, Harry Stiles and Sheryl Crow. Easy to wear (you just step in and zip it up), the onesie is sure to save time in the morning when busy working couples are rushing to get dressed, organise the kids and get themselves to work on time. How your work colleagues will react when you turn up looking like a Teletubby is another matter entirely. Would you maintain a professional looking image dressed in an all-in-one?


While these onesies are a great idea for duvet days, weekends and hanging around the house all day, they leave a lot to be desired if you want to portray an image of sartorial elegance. My 6ft 4in son-in-law recently answered the door to me wearing an all-in-one Tigger suit. It raised a huge laugh and he looked absolutely brilliant in his black and orange stripes (so much so that I have photos to prove it). He’s actually a software developer working for a bang up to date company that allows him to dress casual for work. He usually works in shorts and t-shirts, looking cool and comfortable while he’s working – but most people who see him on the street would expect him to be toting a skateboard under his arm. However, he has no desire to wear his onesie outside the house – he’d look ridiculous.


So, why this growing trend for grown men to dress up to match their infant progeny? As a society we’ve managed to get over the temptation to dress siblings in matching outfits, or worse, matching mum and daughter ensembles. (Too sickly for words and we’re better off rid of this on the High Street.) Indeed shoppers have been asked to leave certain large supermarkets for “being inappropriately attired”, such as the lady who shopped in a bikini top or the young mum who called into Tesco in her pyjamas and slippers.


The adult onesie is a great slouch suit to keep us warm when we’re at home, snuggled up on the sofa watching TV, (albeit a real pain when you need the loo badly), but let’s keep them indoors where they belong and be a bit more imaginative when it comes to stepping out in style. If you’re looking for a great way of saving on energy bills by turning down the thermostat, then investing in a onesie would be a brilliant idea – they’re a great way of keeping warm in winter – after all, babies have been wearing them for years.

Rob Marshall is a former model and fashion expert. He enjoys writing about the latest fashion news. For more mens onesie styles, visit the link.

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