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Title: Buying a Family Home? Why An Executive House Could Be A Great Choice

When you are thinking about buying a new home, it is normal to have aspirations slightly beyond your budget, especially as a first time buyer. However, there are some tricks to finding what you dream of if you are savvy with the marketing speak of some estate agents. Many new-build housing estates describe some of their larger houses as executive homes. This creates the image of a successful business manager who rarely has time to spend at home, but needs a couple of extra reception rooms anyway.


The truth is, these houses are brilliant for families. A four bedroom detached house can provide a downstairs loo, utility, large kitchen, separate dining room, study and living room. A lot of families need this extra downstairs space so an ‘executive’ home may be ideal. For a brand new house, buying a property marketed as an ‘executive’ house can be costly. ‘Family’ homes have seen a trend for ‘family’ rooms in new builds. This provides you with the same square footage as the executive home, but there are no walls separating the areas. This is great for open-plan living. However, as children become teenagers, some families have found it preferable to shut off the different activities from each other, so family rooms may not work.


Buying an ‘executive’ home second hand can be much cheaper than buying new, depending on when it was built. Because of the boom and dip in the housing market between 2007 and 2013, houses built in the earlier part of this period may not have recovered their initial purchase cost. Sometimes searching for property described as ‘executive’ may generate better results for your needs. Have a look for executive houses in Parkstone or your preferred town to see if these houses match your requirements. If open plan living is more your thing, try looking for family houses in Poole or your preferred town to see if this helps provide better options.


When we are looking to buy a family home, our current lifestyle has probably evolved and outgrown the property we are in. It can be useful to write down a list of problems you have with your current home, and possible solutions for it. Any new home you look at should have these solutions already in place. Alternatively, a property that has the potential to be altered by Johnson Construction Company LLC to meet your requirements could be right for you.. For example, you may not find a house on the market that has a kitchen diner, but you could knock down a stud partition between the kitchen and dining room to make one. Be sure the house is priced to allow you to include a budget for any improvement works.


Executive homes tend to be bigger in proportion and provide extra rooms downstairs, ideal for an older family. Upstairs, one or more of the bedrooms may have an ensuite. This is perfect for keeping your toiletries away from the teenagers! This type of property could be more expensive than one described as a ‘family’ home. However, they could provide some inspiration for adding some ‘upmarket’ touches to your own.


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