The Unique Experience of Handbag Shopping

Handbag shopping is unique in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Handbags require a level of commitment that seasonal trends do not. But that is all part of the fun and don’t worry – commitment doesn’t have to be scary- it all just takes a little more consideration.

We’ve all been there; in and out of every shop, trawling the internet at two in the morning, obsessing over the choices of classy celebs – all in the name of choosing the perfect handbag. Unlike an on-trend summer top, or a fashionable winter cardigan, a handbag will need to last more than one season. A handbag is not necessarily for life, but it’s certainly not just for Christmas.


Timeless Style

The key word here is ‘timeless’. This can be one of the stumbling blocks when shopping for a handbag, but it’s also one of the delights. On the one hand you want something you know to be the latest in fashionable style, but on the other hand you want something which will last well beyond the season. The point here is to think about style and elegance over fashion and trends. Designer luxury handbags tend to be made with a more timeless style and these are often the best options because the status of the designer lives beyond the trends of the moment.


A bag needs to be versatile, not least because you are likely to spend more money on it than perhaps a pair of shoes or a scarf. Think about which colour dominates your wardrobe and go for a shade which will work with this. Whilst we all dip in and out of trends, many of us have a shade we are drawn to. For some it’s dependable black, in which case you can be fairly free with your choice. Others tend to go for earthy, natural colours in which case an un-dyed handbag will work.

Size Matters

Some days you will need a large bag whilst others just a tiny clutch. But what you want from a handbag is a size that will work MOST of the time. You have to think about where you spend most of your time. If you simply take a makeup bag, book and essentials to work each day you can choose a small to medium bag which could well do for nights out too.

Choose for yourself

Unlike a skimpy summer dress or a pair of tight jeans, a handbag is free from the trappings of sexual attraction. Yes you want something that is pleasing to look at but you are not choosing something which necessarily flatters your figure or to attract a certain someone. The right handbag will of course be a positive part of your overall look, but it’s your chance to choose something regardless of body shape or size.

Making a choice between the best luxury handbags is like the finding the right man -the process may be long and complicated, but the end result is far more satisfying than a dress you wear only once (or a man that never calls).

Yanni is a fashion writer and lover of all things style related. She spent months researching handbags before she finally committed to one from

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