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Why Offering Hassle-Free, Automated Ecommerce Returns Can Actually Improve Profits

As ecommerce returns volumes climb, online retailers should really embrace the returns process. Here is why  As the ecommerce industry expands at a steady pace, it’s quickly becoming the newest, fastest and most convenient way to shop online. Bear in mind that convenience is the commonest reason why shoppers choose to use the internet over a brick and mortar location, according to leading sources like eConsultancy.  This convenience is easily spelled out, too. Take for example the ease of online Read more [...]

Student Finance Services – Helps you fulfill your dreams

Student Finance Services are essentially a sort of assistance program that has been specially designed for students and is offered to those who’re unable to continue with their studies simply because they can’t afford to do so. Now, not being able to continue with studies only because someone can’t afford to makes it rather sad. Hence, to save students from such dire straits and to encourage learning all the more, you’ve got the Student Financial Services to aid you. How to apply On coming Read more [...]

The World’s Most Famous College Degree Scams

Harvard, Yale and other colleges have at some time or the other fallen prey to degree scams. People with twisted, ingenious minds have attempted to game the system. Let’s take a look at the World’s most famous college degree scams. Naval Academy Cheating Ring After acquiring an early copy of the electrical engineering exam, a student traded it for just $50 to several students. 134 students bought the test in order to get better grades. The students then either memorized the test or went in Read more [...]