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Getting on the Property Ladder: A How To Guide For First Time Buyers

The thought of committing your finances for the next twenty-odd years can be a terrifying prospect. But, the lure of home ownership for many is too much to bear. Owning your own home is a great way to ensure financial security. But, in a somewhat tenuous housing market, it can be difficult to know if you are making the right decision.   As a first-time buyer, you should be armed with nothing but the facts. Let’s cut through the financial jargon and give you a simplistic view of how to Read more [...]

Money savvy tips for a student to travel within a shoe-string budget

While you’re a student, remaining within a budget is very important as you tend to waver away from the right financial track. Travelling on a student budget is never easy but travelling while you’re a student is certainly an exciting fact. Whenever travelling takes away a huge amount of your dollars, you tend to fall in debt that you have to repay after you return from your trip. Your pockets might be light but still you don’t miss the budget restraints when you’re a student. So, if you’re Read more [...]

Credit Card Tricks to Save Money for Travelers

If you are often traveling because of work, business reasons or even for a vacation, you have to learn about the credit card tricks to make the most out of flying frequently. Probably everyone has heard about the miles or points that you get whenever you travel, but there are actually more ways for you to stretch your credit card to save more money. Here are some credit card tricks for you to learn:- If you often travel or take trips outside the U.S. borders, it is best to get cards that don’t Read more [...]