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Benefits of a custom made outfit

Ever have wished to dress up like your favorite F1 racer? Most of us have. Say it be a 12 year old for his school costume dress party or an amateur learning in the racing training institute, we all one to be the Mr.XYZ. And at least dressing like him, gives us confidence up to quite an extent that we really can become one. There are a lot of manufacturers who do make custom racing shirts on order which will be just a perfect fit for yourself, if you opt for one. Even the professional racers themselves Read more [...]

A Teacher’s Guide to Learning Styles and Their Effect on Behaviour

How many Kinaesthetics do you have in your class? How about Aurals? Or maybe there are more Logicals amongst your pupils? The chances are you have some of them all with a couple of others added in as well, even if you don't yet know it. These aren't the latest fads in bizarre names but a way of differentiating between the varying learning styles that separate the pupils in your class. The modern classroom uses a multitude of teaching techniques to elicit the best responses from children and help Read more [...]