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Interesting Ways To Use Your Hallway

We often neglect hallways when we come to decorate and improve our homes. We generally see them as a corridor that connects our more important rooms and a place to hang our coats, but rarely as anything more. The word ‘hall’ has connotations of a long, bare, echoed area. However, hallways are usually the first and last space we see when we enter our homes. They are at the centre of our household. If you live in an apartment in a densely populated city, then what space you have is precious and Read more [...]

How to make your own fashion statement without being a Celebrity?

It is that only celebs can have a fashion statement and not the ordinary man? No it is not like that. Everyone irrespective of man or woman can have a fashion statement of yourown. However there are some principles behind all fashion statements which everyone artists, models and even the common man must have. In order to have a fashion statement you just need to be confident yourself. You need to have a confident mystique about yourself. You need to carry with you a sense of awe that Read more [...]

Keeping warm has never been more fashionable

Keeping warm has never been more fashionable than it is nowadays; just as well given the atrocious weather the UK has been experiencing lately. At the time of writing, spring is in the air in name only. One week after the official start of spring, snow lies thick on the ground with a white Easter on the cards. Now you can wrap up warm and make a fashion statement at the same time; one good reason to indulge in quality and value brand name winter warmers. Keeping warm doesn’t mean abandoning style There Read more [...]