Staying Up-To-Date With Entertainment Tech News

The technology sector has quickly become more than simply something people use on a daily basis; technology has become a topic of conversation, and thus, a source of entertainment.

Thirty or more years ago, technology news was something reserved for industry insiders, or the select few who truly understood the inner-workings of upcoming technology. Because tech has become completely mainstream, greater interest by the mainstream population has arrived. If you are looking for ways to keep up with technology news, we have a few suggestions to keep you up-to-date on entertainment technology news and upcoming products.  First of all, to get the latest news, you’ll need the fastest internet.

How Quickly Does Technology Change?
You often hear that technology is moving at the speed of light. Innovators in the field like to suggest that technology is moving so quickly, that keeping up is an impossibility. The speed of which technology advances is all relative, though.

According to Slate, Bell filed a patent for the telephone in 1876, and one year later the telephone was born. Technological advances take much longer, today, than when Bell invented the phone. There are procedures and processes; there are tests and focus groups and marketing groups.

While technology may take some time to get to market today, technology is moving quickly. New ideas are born each day, and those ideas eventually hit the mainstream market.

Rules for Keeping Up With Technology News 
Because technology moves so quickly, the way technology news is reported is speedy as well. When you are researching a technological advancement, or simply news in the space, you’ll need to stick to a few ground rules to ensure you get the most up to the minute and accurate information possible.

First and foremost, news stories from year or more ago are likely outdated, and it is possible that information is wrong. According to academic experts, an article that is being used for research should be current and up-to-date, specifically when dealing with information technology and similar subjects. Because everything changes so quickly, it is important to ensure the information you are reading has been published within the last three months. By checking the date, you’ll ensure you are getting relevant, timely, and most importantly, accurate information.

Next, to ensure you are getting accurate entertainment tech news, you need to check to ensure you are using a well-respected source. The technology world is rife with rumors. Sometimes, a company will “leak” information about new products, but more often than not rumors are just that, rumors. Because rumors run rampant in the industry, the only way to ensure you are getting the most accurate information is to use a trusted source, or articles that link to trusted sources as their references.

Entertainment Technology News Sites 
The Huffington Post is a destination site for avid internet users, so it would stand to reason they’d have a healthy and regularly updated technology section. With a mix of industry news, entertainment columns, and a series of opinion pieces, HuffPost Tech touches on just about everything you’ll ever need as a mainstream reader interested in technology news.

Gizmodo has been hailed by many as the “go-to” website for technology news. While Gizmodo is geared more towards those with more than a working knowledge of computers, the staff works hard to make their articles more accessible to the general public. Featuring everything from cell phone news to gaming updates, Gizmodo is a well-respected source for technology news.

Wired is a well-respected magazine turned website. While the magazine is still in circulation, many former readers have moved to the online arena to garner their technology news. Wired’s staff are technology experts, and they gather industry news in an instant, additionally, they add interesting commentary on how technology can help and hurt businesses.

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