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Make Your Watch Last a Lifetime: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

If you’re an avid watch collector or have a watch that you have sentimental feelings for, then you no doubt want to help them last as long as possible. With a few clever maintenance tips and tricks, you can make your watch last a lifetime! All you need to do is take some extra care and service it every now and again. Read on for more detail:


Don’t Wear it for Certain Activities


Some watches are very expensive, and made to withstand all kinds of activities and temperatures. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should wear the watch in all kinds of temperatures and activities. Swimming usually involves a lot of chemicals, and this could affect the finish of some watches. Some watches aren’t waterproof at all, and should be taken off before you swim, bathe, or shower. Some watches are only waterproof to so many metres. You need to make sure that your watch isn’t going to break during your daily activities. Wearing a watch while exercising is usually ok, but you need to consider whether you want your watch to get sweaty. It may also get scratched if you’re using weights and machines. Use your common sense!


Take it for a Buffing


If your watch has acquired scratches over its time with you, then you can take it for a buffing to smooth them out and make them look less noticeable. If you do this every so often, then you’ll stop your watch from looking old and worn.


Have it Serviced


Shinola says that a regular service with a jeweler or watch maker can make the world of difference to a watch. They’ll take a look and make sure everything is running smoothly. If it isn’t or they can see any problems forming, they’ll do what’s necessary to make it work again.


Keep it Wound


Some watches stop working if you don’t wear them for a while. It’s wise to keep your watch wound up to stop it from ceasing to work forever. Especially if you aren’t wearing your watch, make sure you wind it up every so often. Some watches automatically wind with movement, like the kind they get on the wrist.


Change the Strap


You don’t have to change the strap, but it can certainly give a watch a new lease of life and make it look brand new again. Beware that changing the strap could alter the authenticity of the watch. If you were hoping that your watch would one day become a collector’s item, then it’s probably best you don’t change the strap. If you just want your watch to look nice and presentable, then change the strap. Changing the strap can also make a watch look totally different. It can really make a statement! Here’s more on making fashion statements if you need more inspiration.


Keep it Safe When Not in Use


When you aren’t wearing your watch make sure you keep it safe. You can buy proper watch boxes, or you can simply keep it in the box it came in. Don’t keep it with other pieces of jewelry in case they scratch the surface.


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