Keeping warm has never been more fashionable

Keeping warm has never been more fashionable than it is nowadays; just as well given the atrocious weather the UK has been experiencing lately. At the time of writing, spring is in the air in name only. One week after the official start of spring, snow lies thick on the ground with a white Easter on the cards. Now you can wrap up warm and make a fashion statement at the same time; one good reason to indulge in quality and value brand name winter warmers.

Keeping warm doesn’t mean abandoning style

There was a time when wrapping up warm against the vagaries of a British winter meant giving up on fashion. Gone are the days when warm clothing was merely something functional to keep the cold out and the heat in. With myriad of designers and fashion houses keen to extend their products to as many markets as possible, we are blessed with a multitude of fashionable country clothing brands.

For most of us, we tend to think of clothing which is suitable for working in the country as being bland and less than fashionable, and perhaps this is true of some clothing. Overalls, protective clothing has never been and will probably never be fashionable, but will always remain functional for the wearer.

Country pursuits

Country pursuits mean many things to many people; walking, orienteering, hiking, horse riding, clay pigeon shooting and organised pheasant shoots are just a few examples. Taking a trip out of town to a favourite watering hole is always a looked forward to occasion. Making the most of country wear fashion to blend in with the locals is also a favourite too.

Picture the scene; a long lie in on a cold and wintry Sunday morning with breakfast in bed, followed by a run out in the car to your favourite watering hole. Follow that up by a long walk on the beach (if you’re close by) or down one of thousands of country walks, down byways and bridleways. If there is anything better than this to prepare you for the coming 9 – 5 the following day, I have yet to be introduced to it.


Not just relaxation

Orienteering is one sport which defines the countryside; another is clay pigeon shooting. Make the most of your leisure time with the right clothing and your weekends will never be the same old things again. The fashion stakes aren’t just restricted to the girls either.

Men’s country fashion has moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years, so much so that the demarcation lines between ‘country fashion’ and ‘about town fashion’ have become somewhat blurred. Country fashion is equally at home in an urban setting but not quite so the reverse.

If you’re into the country, love country pursuits and want to blend in with the country scene you cannot go far wrong with Barbour, Hunter, Musto and many of the other well known country wear brands.

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