Human Security, A Question Has Still Not Been Answered At Universal Level

Care is one word which is used in many places in different contents in various ways. What if you get to know that your loved one or the one close to your heart has lost his /her life? Terrible right! How would you feel to know that in addition to the loss of your loved one’s soul, you are left with nothing which could possibly help you to allow the flow of bread and butter for the family? These questions are tough to answer but some uncertain situations can drive anyone to live within these scenarios. If you are the one in the family responsible for earning food then it is advisable to ensure future security of your family.

What is Security?

According to a generic definition of security in terms of condition or situation it is the level of resistance of protection from any harm. It is applied for both vulnerable and worthy assets let it be a person itself, organization, abodes and etc.

There is ample amount of literature available on the internet and books about generic and specific definition of security and its categorization.

Researches related to Human Security:

  • According to the research paper produced by Stoddard, Abby, Adele Harmer, and Morgan Hughes on Humanitarian Aid it is observed that the Human Security is important in all areas of the globe but specifically weak countries should be focused where violence against aid workers are increasing day by day which are responsible for the earning of their whole family.
  • Moreover, another research paper of Sarah Michael outlines the importance of security with respect to NGOs. She is of the view that to lower down the human violence NGOs plays a vital role. The paper describes Human Security as providing aid to the people to face the unforeseen threats, crisis and troubles.
  • According to the research of Kroc Institute for International Peace they describe war and genocide as the major threat to Human Security.

These researches have been done in different areas but on one single theme, Human Security. The solution at world level might seem to be really tough but many international institutes and researchers are working in order to provide a general solution which can bring a breeze of peace across the world.

Small solution to save your family is quite obvious, insurance. Insurance is a commitment and a legitimate document signed which ensures that in any unforeseen disaster, you or your family will be paid for the loss. You might find insurance companies offering all types of insurances or specific insurance companies are also available such as, auto insurance companies, medical insurance companies and many others. Approaching the right broker can help you to a great extent if you have relocated to a new place. Search such brokers over the global internet by suffixing the city name followed by the insurance type or a keyword broker such as, Indian insurance brokers, Paris insurance brokers, Dubai insurance brokers and etc.

Andy Robert is a reputed insurance analyst and has been working in the insurance industry for numerous years. He has worked as a consultant with a number of reputed companies provide insurance brokerage facilities and is currently associated with Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers.

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