How to Naturally Remove Blackheads

How to Naturally Remove BlackheadsIf you’ve been struggling to get rid of blackheads and have tried every product you could find at the drug store, then it might be time to try natural remedies.

Sure these might take more time to use, but they are well worth it. Other than being able to reduce the appearance of your blackheads, you will also be able to enjoy better looking skin!

Natural Remedies to Remove Blackheads

1. Steam Your Face and Scrub

Steam opens up your pores and allows them to get cleaned out more deeply than they would be otherwise. The best part about this method of removing blackheads is that it can be done within only a few minutes. If you don’t have a steam machine for facials; don’t worry. There are other ways to create steam that are effective and won’t cost you anything.

Start out with a hot shower, if you want hot water right away. All you have to do is stand in the bathroom without the fan on and the steam from the water will start to open your pores up within about 10 minutes. You could also put your head above a pot of extremely hot water, but you have to be careful not to burn yourself with this method. A towel over the pot with your face above it can provide you with a lot of steam to open up those pores so you can clean out the blackheads.

Once you have the steam going on your skin, allow it to absorb for around 8 to 10 minutes. After this, you can either scrub your skin gently so that you can more easily pop the blackheads out. This is going to require a magnified mirror, so make sure you have that on hand to use. If you want to use a different removal method, then exfoliate after you steam with a natural exfoliating scrub.

2. Use Honey

Honey is good to eat, but it’s also great for your skin! Start out by pouring a little bit of honey into a bowl, and then quickly rub this on your skin where the blackheads are at. Leave this on for a few minutes and then pick at the honey so it will pull the blackheads out as the honey gets stuck to your fingers. This is messy, but it’s very effective and fun!

3. Use Egg Whites

All you have to do for this method is whip up an egg white and rub it onto your skin. After letting this dry for around 15 minutes, rinse your skin off. Not only will your skin look and feel great, you will see that most of the blackheads are actually gone!

4. Close the Pores Up

After you see the blackheads come out, you will need to rinse your face gently with warm water. Once your skin is all clean you will need to splash it with cold water, which will close the pores back up. Pat your face dry and apply a moisturizer that won’t clog your pores back up.


– Try one method of blackhead removal at a time to see which works best for you.

– If you squeeze the blackheads out, make sure you are gentle and don’t use too much force. If you are too hard on the pores they could become damaged, which will result in scarring.

If you don’t find a cure for blackheads sing naturally means, you can always try the pore minimizers and get a quick and easy, but temporary, solution.

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