How to make your own fashion statement without being a Celebrity?

It is that only celebs can have a fashion statement and not the ordinary man? No it is not like that. Everyone irrespective of man or woman can have a fashion statement of yourown. However there are some principles behind all fashion statements which everyone artists, models and even the common man must have. In order to have a fashion statement you just need to be confident yourself. You need to have a confident mystique about yourself. You need to carry with you a sense of awe that exudes health, grace and style. There are many other things which can be listed which defines you and which makes you different from the others. Discover those here with us

Stay fit

Being fit does not mean having the zero size figures. Being fit means being healthy. You have to be healthy this is what tells people who you are. Exercise, eat properly and visit the doctor. Be happy with yourself. Respect you body.  Till you are in the right weight slab be satisfied with yourself. Drink water and juices avoid cold drinks and sodas. Eat fresh fruits and avoid junk completely. Yoga, swimming and taking walks shall be a part of your fitness regime.

Smile not because a smile looks good

 Smile not because you are expected to or because you look good. Smile because you are happy and you have millions of reason to be happy for. Being unhappy will affect you. You must also be able to balance your emotions. If you are upset express it so that no negative emotions start building inside and affect the way you look. Tension and unhappiness might lead to skin sagging for which you might have to before time start using anti wrinkle before time. So smile can be a part of your fashion statement as it is an excellent stress buster too.

Be elegant have the charm in you

 Makeup is not everything. Your body language and the way you converse is definitely what speaks for you.

Be fashionable

 Follow the fashion trends but that does not mean just wear anything which is in fashion. You need to be comfortable in whatever you wear to look your best. If you wear clothes in what you are not comfortable you will not be able to carry yourself confidently this is a big drawback to your fashion statement. If you are not able to purchase those designer clothes then check the fashion magazines and search on the internet for the look a likes. Always remember that clothes compliment you and it does not make you what you are.

Beauty products

 You need not have to use those branded international beauty products like their body lotions, anti wrinkle cream and perfumes. You can make a fashion statement of your ownwith the DIY products which you prepare at home.


Thus this has been made very clear that making a fashion statement does not only involve talking about the branded shoes, watches and dress all the time. It is what you understand is good for you and yourself. So any one can make a fashion statement and you do not have to be celeb to make one.

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