How To Create Your Own Unique Fashion Style

With the same fashion stores on every high street, it is harder than ever to stand out. You often see people wearing the same t-shirt or dress as you. What you thought was individual and cool is nothing more than a production line replica, made in their thousands. It takes a little more effort to craft a unique identity through fashion nowadays. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just need to know where to look.


The first important rule is learn to work with what you’ve got. We all open our wardrobes and come to the same conclusion: “I have no clothes”. It’s not true. At one point, you bought each one of those items because you loved them. Figure out how to love them again. Adapt them, modify them and match them with different accessories. You don’t need to spend a fortune to craft a unique fashion identity. Just follow these simple rules.


Start with what you’ve got


Pick out your five favourite outfits from your wardrobe and lay them out on the bed. What is it you love about them? Why do they look good on you? Decide which are the colours that work for you. Figure out exactly what shapes and curves look good on you. Write them down and that’s your starting point. Colours and fitting are the two most personal things in your wardrobe. When you get those right, everything else fits into place.


Match your clothes with your personality


Subconsciously, you’ll have been doing this already. However, learn to exaggerate this further. If you feel classy and elegant deep down, search for clothes that match this. If you’re a tomboy at heart, exaggerate this part of your personality in your clothes. If you have an urban or edgy streak, try brands like Thomas Gun. Fashion is all about identity and personality. It comes from within, so don’t be scared to let it shine through in your clothes.


Hit the charity shops and vintage markets


Now that you know the colours, fittings and styles you’re looking for, it’s time to go shopping. Avoid the large high street chains. It’s very difficult to look unique when everyone is buying the same items! Search for unique and distinctive designs from vintage stores and charity shops. Just remember to stick to the colours and fittings you decided on.




Finally, find the perfect accessories to match your new clothes. This is where you can really get personal. With accessories, you can break the rules. Find fabrics you wouldn’t normally touch. Mix colours that shouldn’t normally go together. This is how fashion evolves and it’s how you will forge your own style. Accessories are the little touches that make the big differences.


Remember, fashion is all about expression. It comes from within and it is a reflection of your personality. Don’t be afraid to be unique and think outside the box. Break the rules and look outside of the usual stores. Figure out what works for you and then get on the hunt. You’re bound to find a bargain at vintage stores and you’ll get something no one else has.

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