How the Warm Weather Will Affect Your Wardrobe

With many parts of the world currently experiencing the cold of winter, there’s no doubt people will be wearing more layers. Warmth is key during the colder months to protect against illness and preserve comfort. Warm jumpers and large overcoats are often the order of the day.


Many people find success mixing winter wear with the latest fashion trends to pull off a warm, trendy look. It is important to maintain your layers during the winter. But what happens when the winter finishes and the warmer climates begin to creep in?


Well, just as the cold weather will have an effect on how you dress the warmer weather will also have an effect on your wardrobe. Seasonal wardrobes are becoming less common in recent times as many climates remain constant for much of the year. But despite this there is a definite change to the wardrobe once the warmer weather arrives.


Types of Clothing


The biggest and most obvious change in your wardrobe once the summer arrives will be the types of clothing available. The large overcoats, warm hoodies and thick tops will be gone. In their place will be a huge range of summer friendly gear.


The main goal of seasonal summer wardrobes is not to complicate it. Simplicity is key. Women can enjoy a huge range of skirts, tops and dresses aligning the rails, whilst men can look forward to shorts, t-shirts, shirts and thin jumpers.


Summer ranges tend to be huge and with a lot of variation. You should be able to find anything to meet your needs. There are many colours and designs on offer, and they will often be less expensive than the winter range.


Cost of Clothing


The pricing of clothes in the spring and summer is often much cheaper than clothes for sale in the winter months. A contributing factor to this may well be that the clothing on sale during the summer has less material. Items such as thin t-shirts, skirts, shorts and short-sleeved shirts. The material on these items is much less than on large winter coats and jumpers and as such are cheaper to manufacture.


Another reason for this could be due to increased demand during the warmer seasons. When it is dark and cold people don’t always want to go shopping. A lot of the time they may not even want to venture outside. In the summer, people are outdoors a lot more and make many more trips than they would when it’s cold. This means more shopping trips and more of a chance to buy clothes.




You may find that in the warmer times of the year you will have more of a variety of clothes available to you. As such, you might discover that you have more variation in your wardrobe. When it’s cold keeping warm is the most important thing, and any fashion statement you might make may be lost beneath layers.


But when it’s warm this is not an issue. You can experiment with different clothing combinations. Or you can accessorize and create your own fashion style. The summer is when you can cut loose with your wardrobe and try out all the things you’ve wanted to try out. Remember, variety is the spice of life so don’t be afraid to try something brand new!

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