Goddess-Like Prom Dresses – Never Goes Out Of Style


Greek goddess’ dresses are bewitching, flowing gowns that are sure to bring out the inner goddess in anyone who wears them. That long and white dress that move you with you as you walk and allow your accessories and styling to be the center of attention. The following are the tips you can follow to create your own majestic and goddess-like gown:

1. You have to measure from your shoulders to where you want the hem of your dress to be. Like for example, if you want the dress to come to your ankles, measure to your ankles. Take note of the length. Measure across your shoulders and write down of the number. Measure from your shoulder to your neck and subtract 2 or 3 inches and make a note of the number.

2. Measure from the top of your shoulders to where you want the bottom of your arm hole to be. If you like the gown to be more open on the sides, this number will be higher. But if you want it to be more closed at the sides, this number will be lower. You have to take note of the measurement.
3. You have to double the length measurement of your dress and add 1 inch. Measure this length on your fabric and cut it. Fold the fabric in half with the fold at the top. This fold is where your neckline will be.

4. You have to measure the shoulder width of your dress on the fabric and cut it. Then, measure from the left edge of your fabric on the fold toward the center using your shoulder-to-neck measurement. You have to mark the fabric at this point. Then, repeat the process on the right edge of your fabric and mark the measurement. Cut a slit between the marks on the fabric fold. This will be your neckline.

5. Measure down one side of the fabric to where the bottom of your arm hole will be and mark it with the fabric pencil. Do the same on the other side of the fabric. Pin the front and back of the fabric together at the arm hole marks.

6. Turn the fabric inside out. Sew up the sides of the fabric until you get to the pins marking the arm hole. You have to fold the bottom edge of the dress up ¼ inch, and then fold it over another 1/4 inch over. Pin the fold in place. Sew along the bottom edge of the dress to hem it.

7. Fold around the right armhole 1/4 inch, and then fold it over another 1/4 inch. Pin this hem in place and sew it. Repeat this process for the left armhole and the neckline. Turn the dress so the outside of the fabric is facing out again and remove any remaining pins.

8. You have to cut two lengths of gold cord at 18 to 20 inches each.  Loop one end of one length of gold cord in the front of the dress between the left armhole and the left side of the neckline. Move the end of the gold cord to the inside of the dress and pin it in place. Pull the loop so it gathers the material between the armhole and neckline. Pin it in place.

9. Then, drape the gold cord across the arm hole and make another loop with the other end of the gold cord at the back of the fabric. It should gather the material in the back the same way it does in the front. Pin it in place. Repeat this process on the right side. Sew both gold cords in place and remove the pins.

10. Lastly, you have to cut a 60-ich length of gold cord. This will be the sash of the gown. Then, tie the sash around your waist. If the sash is too long, you can cut it or fold it in half before tying it around your waist. offers a large variety of designer cocktail attire, party dresses, formal gowns, premier evening wear and beyond, so you’re sure to find something that is absolutely amazing. Check out our long prom dresses today.


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