Engineers opting for MBA

MBA is the passport to join the world of business management. But the question is, how a degree as such can help an engineer who comes from the technical background? Though there are applicants from other streams but surprisingly,70% of students who apply for the CAT are engineers. Even a few years ago, engineering has been the top priority and this shift was hardly visible. Things have changed with increasing competitiveness in the job market. Today, the engineers even have to deal with matters like marketing, finance, and accounting which requires skill. Therefore, a course in management is the perfect solution.

Engineer student MBA

A question can come up in this regard. Are engineers losing their interest in technical career or a management degree is more in demand when applying for a job?Actually, the technical talent in India are groomed enough to coordinate and collaborate with recent innovative and changing traits. But there has been also a rising demandfor managing large scale projects. So, having a management degree gives you a better grip to meet up the project deadline and the technical talent helps you to monitor work and identify the errors. Hence, to state that the demand for engineering has diminished would be wrong; rather an addition of management degree further opens wider opportunities.

Is an MBA must after engineering? Well, you cannot deny the fact that today in almost all the professions MBA hascarved a niche. But its priority depends on your requirement because a degree in engineering can definitely give you a well earned job. On the other hand, if you are thinking about long term stability then having a master degree can help you to go further. Moreover, if you want to make your career dynamic business management offers you that opportunity. Therefore, analyze your necessities and ask yourself with questions like:

  •  Can you lead?
  • Can you communicate easily with others?
  • Do you have ability to do multitasking?
  • Can you convince others with your skills?

Once all the answers are “yes”, you already know where to go.

Higher education is not the only reason for the massive shift because the engineers can do the same in their own field, so choosing MBA is a futile thought. Well, this is where you need to think again about the advantages of this course and that is related to higher salary. You are not only possessing technical skill but you are equally getting skilled in managerial tasks. Therefore, the multitasking abilities will always put your job application ahead of others who are just Engineers.

As per Indian scenario is concerned, the students who opt for engineering usually get a job at the time of campus placement. Now, it is your pick, whether to leave job and join MBA or to continue both. However, some best business schools in India prefer people with some work experience because this helps to get a better understanding on concepts and principles. The practical application of knowledge gives an in-depth understanding on various topics.

Therefore, owing to these reasons engineers have been encouraged to opt for MBA even after acquiring higher degree in the same field.

Author Bio: Riya Bagaria is a passionate writer and she shares various preparatory tips with her readers for getting admission in best business schools in India.

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