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Don’t Kill Yourself Studying!

When you’re a college student, there’s never a day when you wake up feeling refreshed.  It seems that all night, every night – at least when it isn’t the night of the biggest party on campus – we’re up studying, taking new notes, writing essays, and cramming for exams.  In order to study more effectively, you have to make the time to be able to capture your alert, waking hours to organize your course materials and make an effective learning plan.  Distractions and complex study routines might be your norm now, but you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to switch up your routine and study more effectively… without giving up the fun that you love, either.

shutterstock_105734561If you really need to turn off the social media, install an application on your browser that allows you to “block” the sites that are giving you particular trouble – at least temporarily.

Boosting Your Brain-Power
One of the best ways to boost your brain-power is to work with your brain’s natural organizational system, not against it.  Instead of designing a complex notation or brainstorming system, let your ideas, creativity, and power to make connections flow by using the mindmapping technique.  Connecting your ideas on paper might seem a little analog, but this technique allows you to move quickly between ideas without losing your train of thought.  []

Feel like you need a tech-based computer chip installed in your brain?  Try the next best thing – Cerego, a new program that works with your mind to create


Simplify your Studies:  Learning Made Easier
Do you think highlighting your text really helps you to read it any better?  Experts say you should skip the multicolored markers and stick to studying tips and tricks that have actually been proven effective.  For example, making flashcards actually helps your mind make the associations that they need in order to remember the material easier and faster.

Collaborative studies might sound impossible in the competitive school environment, but many students are benefitting from using Google Docs to share their information with one another, creating really excellent notes from class.  Setting particular password and sharing settings allows you to protect who has access to the notes, but it can be very effective to have the large  group contribute to the big document itself.  No longer will you feel lost in your note-taking, but you’ll be able to collaborate on a Google Doc that will prove useful for the whole team.

Tech Tips and Tricks to Minimize Distractions
To study effectively, you need to give yourself more time than the typical late-night cramming session before the exam.  But these days, most of our free energy and time is wasted on Facebook and Twitter instead of going into productive studying long before the next test or essay.  Facebook doesn’t have to be a distraction – in fact, it can be an important studying tool!  The new application Hoot turns Facebook into a study panel, where you and your coursemates can collaborate on a project – and it turns off all the other distracting things of the social media site, leaving you to communicate and exchange ideas without the noise of social life.

“learning algorithms” related to your subject of choice.  They’ve already uploaded about 50 subjects worth of material, and users have claimed it is incredibly effective for boosting the power of their brain.

If you find yourself inspired by these ideas, spend some more time searching online for “lifehacks” that benefit students and make sure you don’t burn the candle at both ends for the sake of your studies.

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