Classy Shoes for Spring 2013

If you’re looking to give your classic black heels a rest, the shoe lineup for this spring could be your own playground of personal style. We’re all accustomed to playing with colour and shape, but designers have made sure we’ll get to experiment with texture and various (unlikely) materials, as well. Of course, not everyone can buy straight from the runway, but you can still look like you did.

Mixed prints

Have you ever been torn between zebra print or snake skin? Designers like Christian Louboutin and Sergio Rossi won’t make you choose. It’s been traditionally held that one print per ensemble is enough, but this spring’s trends challenge that rule by mixing and matching patterns and materials that you thought you’d never see together. From polka dots with hot pink to wooden heels with a clear upper, now’s the time to pick up a pair to make your wildest shoe dreams come true.


Intricately woven shoes, despite their usually bright colours, have a way of looking homely if not designed expertly. Luckily, offerings from designers Arfango, Ralph Lauren and others did well to give their embroidered shoes pointy toes, sky-high platforms and stiletto heels to make them look trendy and daring instead.

Citrus Tones

It’s true that tangerine was last year’s Colour of the Year for Pantone, the internationally recognised charter of colours for media and art. But it seems that designers are reluctant to let this shade go making sure that feet will be perfectly clad in plump orange shades this spring. To make this look pop, consider pairing it with a similarly eye-catching spring trend: all white.


Flirty yet sophisticated, lace has been seen on apparel this season from the likes of Victoria Beckham and Donna Karan, but shoe designers are getting in on the action, as well. Jimmy Choo and Brian Atwood are frontrunners in this category, both revealing lacy heels peep-toe heels in pink. But the selection is far wider, and it actually gives you the chance to try out the tangerine trend that’s also popular this year. Just remember not to take it too far; head-to-lace can turn a sexy concept into an overly provocative peek-a-boo experience and this has been covered on one of the UK’s fashion blogs.

Iridescent mania

If you’ve read any of the fashion and lifestyle blogs Iridescent hasn’t been seen since the 90s, and its comeback has been carefully scripted with spring shoes that not only feature the eye-catching material but also innovative silhouettes. Take Edmund Castillo futuristic-looking wedge or Roger Vivier’s iridescent strappy heels in emerald (which happens to be this year’s colour according to Pantone) as heralds of a shoe season that’s only going to get flashier as the year progresses.

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