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Parenting Styles and How They Affect Children

It may be that your parenting style has been influenced by your own upbringing in that you either bring your children up in a similar way to the way you were brought up, or you make a determined effort to bring them up differently. There is no doubt that parenting styles have a significant impact on child development and subsequently on behavior  Parenting styles are a unique and personal thing that may be adapted to suit particular situations. To categories them may be generalizing what is Read more [...]

Five Phases of the Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a big word for both job applicants and the company itself. This is very true because recruitment may mean earning a living for job applicants and business success for companies. There are many types of recruitment that greatly depend on the needs of a company. But for this article, we will focus on IT recruitment. Information technology, simply known as IT, is the specialisation of handling technology-related jobs. A company will need the help of IT experts to run their computers, Read more [...]