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Don’t Kill Yourself Studying!

When you’re a college student, there’s never a day when you wake up feeling refreshed.  It seems that all night, every night - at least when it isn’t the night of the biggest party on campus - we’re up studying, taking new notes, writing essays, and cramming for exams.  In order to study more effectively, you have to make the time to be able to capture your alert, waking hours to organize your course materials and make an effective learning plan.  Distractions and complex study routines Read more [...]

The 7 principals of social work

Social work is a profession that is balanced by principals, ethics and values that power its growth and evolution. As a social worker, you are bound to a code of conduct that allows your clients to feel safe while giving you the toolbox that you need to deliver excellent work. Below are generally accepted principals of social work that the profession adheres to: 1.       Non judgmental attitude Having a non-judgmental attitude is crucial in your career as a social worker. You have to be able Read more [...]