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Usenet is Ideal Educational Resource Because It is Driven by Facts

Some people wonder why Usenet is still considered to be an excellent learning resource.  A recent study looked at the most active and popular Usenet discussions to determine if it is still a valuable resource. The study noted that Usenet is still an excellent learning resource because of the high value placed upon the sharing of facts. Only 12% of popular posts contained personal opinions/comments The study focused on the most popular posts and discussions as well as analyzed the most active thread Read more [...]

The Push To Pursue Mass Communication Courses In Mumbai

Education is the most important part of a person’s life. Starting from the infant stage to adulthood, education decides what the career track of a person is likely to be. Everything ranging from livelihood, money, personality and various other aspects are based on the quality of education a person receives. However, there are many factors that affect a person to choose a career or even college. Parental and societal pressure on a child: From the very basic stage when a child starts going to school, Read more [...]