All Students need to know about Moving to Halls of Residence

For many students, starting university means having to move out of the family home in order to move to the city at which the university is located. Many students become so overwhelmed that they forget about the ‘boring’ part of it all – moving!
One of the largest aspects of becoming a student is moving. This may be to a privately rented property, with other friends or family members, or most commonly, halls of residence.
This article aims to provide you with all the general information you require about halls of residences.
Most universities offer accommodation in the form of halls of residence. Although any student of the university can apply to live at halls of residence, priority is given to first year students since even the largest halls of residence cannot accommodate every single student. Once all first year students are accommodated for, any remaining empty rooms will be allocated to second, third, fourth etc. year students.
Halls of residences are basic buildings or “halls” providing you with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. However, there are a few options available to you, which of course affect the prices.
The first option is to have everything shared. Certain halls of residences offer rooms where bathrooms, kitchens and even bedrooms are shared. This is an ideal choice for someone who is moving to university with a friend that they know who will also be attending the university. If you do not know anyone going to the same university then this will certainly not be the choice for you since you will have to share your bedroom with someone that you do not know, which can be very uncomforting and awkward. However, If you are bargain hunting, then you will find that this option probably works out the cheapest for you.
All Students need to know about Moving to Halls of Residence

The second option is to share a kitchen and bathroom but to have your own bedroom. This is a very common choice for students because they believe that as long as they have their own bedroom, sharing a kitchen and bathroom would be the same as it was at their family home.
If sharing a bathroom worries you then you have the opportunity of renting a bedroom with an en-suite. In these cases, the only thing you will be sharing is the kitchen, which a lot of students do not mind doing. This is the most expensive option out of all three, but provides you with the most privacy and independence. A lot of students opt for this because it means that they can use the bathroom whenever they want with no restrictions to duration etc. They therefore believe that it is worth paying extra for.
All Students need to know about Moving to Halls of Residence

Another thing you need to know about your chosen hall of residence is whether meals are included. Some halls of residences offer meals (some offer all three, some only two and so on). Most halls of residences are self catering but it is always best to double check and make sure, since this is going to affect the price of the accommodation.
Your bedroom at halls of residence may be significantly smaller than your bedroom at home, so never over pack. Halls of residence serve to provide you with a living space where you can eat, sleep and study. The last thing on their mind is building large enough rooms for you to entertain a group of 100. So think twice whilst you are packing.
Always ask for an information pack or go online to find out each and everything about your chosen hall of residence.

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