7 Quick Tips to Save Money on Custom Tees and Hoodies

custom t shirtsHow to save money on custom t shirts and hoodies? You must set a budget before you order the pieces. However, if you have to work within a low budget for this, you need to know a few simple tricks.

Tip 1: Choose a neutral base colour. The costs often increase because the service has to prepare a white base before it can print on the fabric. If you opt for a neutral base in the white colour group, you may be able to avoid this cost.

Another advantage of a neutral base is that it provides a good backdrop against which a colourful design is sure to look attractive. Opt for white, ivory or cream tees, sweatshirts and hoodies and make the colours in the design stand out.

Tip 2: Opt for designs with a low colour count. Many of the printing services have a limit on the numbers of shades you can use to design custom hoodies or t shirts without any extra costs. If you stick to this limit, they may not charge for this.

However, if your artwork requires more colours than this specification, the service may charge for it. It is best to ask about the exact numbers of hues they print at no extra cost and also the charge for any additional colours your designs require.

Tip 3: Order a large number of tees. Keep in mind, though, that this trick will work only if the service uses screen printers for the job. The technique requires preparation of separate screens for each colour you want on the fabric.

When you order 500 or more tees or hoodies, the cost to arrange the screens is diluted. However, if the printing service uses digital printing technique for the task, huge volumes may lead to high expenses.

Tip 4: Make sure there are no separate setup costs. Whatever technique the service uses to print the apparel, you need to make sure that the setup costs are included in the product charges, and not billed separately.

If you come to know about the setup charges only after you get the bill, you may have to pay more than you had thought. This may upset your budget and make things difficult. Ascertain that there are no separate setup costs before you order anything.

Tip 5: Ask how much artwork revision costs. Whether you supply the artwork for the custom pieces or ask their graphic designers to create these designs, you may need to make certain changes and modifications to them before you approve them.

The majority of the printing services do not charge anything for these revisions. However, it is better to be sure about this beforehand. Otherwise, you may later find that they have charged you for this as well.

Tip 6: Look for services that deliver for free. Small things can lead to big results; the shipping and delivery charges are hardly small things! You can save a considerable sum if you can get the printing service to deliver the goods at no cost.

You may be able to find printing services that deliver the finished products to you for free. However, this may depend on the volume of your order as well as your location. Work out the details with the service before you order the personalised hoodies and tees.

Tip 7: Get a price quote before you make a decision. This is perhaps the most important task. Ask the printing service to provide a quote for the pieces you need to order. Compare price quotes from a few selected services to make a good choice.

It is a good idea to look for ways to save money on customised t shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts. However, do not compromise on the quality of the apparel or the print for the sake of money, as it can hamper the look and feel of the finished products.

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