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Money Management Tips For Small Businesses

The hopes and expectations for an entrepreneur diving to the world of business always come with extra responsibility which they must be willing to take. It is never a promise of smooth sailing but one that calls for the preparation to tackle different challenges from time to time. Venturing to the market as a small business owner comes with defined roles which are almost impossible to delegate and must be handled personally. The core areas are in day to day management which involves making all the Read more [...]

Capturing the Best Moments in a Timeless Fashion

We all have special days of our lives. There is our kindergarten graduation, our first bike ride without training wheels, our first dance, our first kiss, our high school and college graduation, and of course our first career based job. But one day that can outshine all of those special single days is our wedding day. For this day, nothing can be left behind. Everything must be up to par and in excellent format for our wedding day to be absolutely magical. Ladies, you know it's true. Overlooking Read more [...]